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Fire Suppression Testing with CO2 Sampling Data Loggers

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression testing is one of the most common uses of CO2 sampling data loggers. This is because carbon dioxide (CO2) can quickly deplete the oxygen in a room to put out a fire. Unlike water, CO2 is "clean" in that it does not react to sensitive electronics, and requires no cleanup.

CO2 fire suppression systems are relatively inexpensive, convenient, and easily applied to a broad range of fire hazards.

However, the main disadvantage is that because the carbon dioxide displaces the oxygen, in a confined space, sealed room or "clean room" the high level of CO2 required to put out a fire is hazardous to human health. This is why CO2 fire suppression systems require CO2 monitors and alarms, used both in the rooms that use CO2 fire suppression as well as during fire suppression system testing.

We were fortunate to be able to interview a leader in the fire suppression field who specializes in room integrity testing for fire suppression applications.

This company (whom wished to be anonymous due to security concerns) ensures that the monitored rooms are tightly sealed. As part of their services they provide complete enclosure integrity tests on an annual basis or when new systems are installed per NFPA12 NFPA2001 and NFPA850 requirements.

To better aid in this testing, their staff uses a CO2Meter 100% Multi Gas Sampling Data Logger. We were able to gain insight to their experience with the device and its importance while working in fire suppression to better serve our other customers in this field.

CO2Meter: What can you tell us about your company?

Customer: "We are have been around for over 70+ years and specialize in diagnostic testing buildings and clean rooms. We work on both existing and new construction buildings in residential and commercial markets."

CO2Meter: What are your specialty areas?

Customer: "Air barrier testing and repair. We test air barriers and reduce air infiltration to delivery energy savings throughout the United States. We also focus specifically on integrity testing in order to maintain required gas concentrations that act as suppression agents in the event of a fire."

CO2Meter: Why did you decide to choose CO2Meter for your business?

Customer: "We are newer to the CO2 testing arena in comparison to our other services. We are pursuing work with CO2 testing in clean rooms particularly. This has a pressure testing component to much of the testing, which we are experts in."

CO2Meter: After using our 100% CO2 Sampling Data Logger, how would you rate the device on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (great)?

Customer: "We would say 5, due to the device's simplicity, ease of use, and understanding."

Watch a video that showcases a fire suppression system, using CO2,

CO2Meter: What has been the overall need for CO2 sampling data loggers in your industry?

Customer: "The CO2 sampling data logger allows testing companies or regulatory agencies to ensure validation that the fire suppression systems are able to effectively put out the fires. This validation is critical and also aids in ensuring that any leaks are not present that could allow the gas to leak out and reduce effectiveness of the fire suppression system."

CO2Meter: Are you concerned more about compliance, safety, or analysis regarding CO2?

Customer: "Analysis."

CO2Meter: In terms of carbon dioxide, how has it impacted your application? Is it important?

Customer: "For room integrity testing specifically, consistent concentrations across the enclosure are tested and based on initial occupancy and significant enclosure changes. CO2 concentration testing is vital as it complements the door fan test and is also a standard noted in NFPA 12/2001/850 for proper testing."


In addition to gaining industry feedback, CO2Meter continues to recognize the large and continual evolving impact that carbon dioxide has continued to play in regards to fire suppression testing, safety and many other applications.

Understanding the importance of CO2 in these applications and diving in to a customers use case better informs and educates similar customers in the space and allows us to gain critical perspective in these establishments.

Like the company that focuses on room integrity testing for its customers, whether you are looking to gain further insight to fire suppression testing and the CO2 data loggers that assist them or additional gas detection solutions, we look forward to discussing your application.

For more information on this application or to speak to an expert contact us today.

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