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GSS Announces ExplorIR Brand CO2 Sensors

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) announced they have created a new brand name ExplorIR® to clarify their product line of LED carbon dioxide sensors for OEM or scientific applications.

Calum MacGregor, CEO of GSS, explained, "As our range of CO2 sensors increases, we felt it was important to have a very clear branding strategy to make it easy for customers to find the right type of sensor to suit their application. There are now three distinct families that each focus on a particular strength of our technology."

"The CozIR® family has particularly low power consumption. The SprintIR® family has very fast response times. And the ExplorIR® is for robust applications that brings together the ranges previously known as MinIR and CozIR Wide Range. Within each family there are further sub-brands according to additional features such as ultra-high speed, very low power and wide detection range," he said.

ExplorIR® CO2 Sensor Models

ExplorIR® sensors are designed to measure up to 100% CO2 concentrations, and able to endure tough environments with shock and vibration. These rugged sensors are low-powered so they can be battery operated. This makes them useful for handheld, portable or wearable applications.

There are 2 models available:

explorIR CO2 Sensor

• ExplorIR®-M (formerly MinIR) CO2 Sensor has a compact design that enables easy integration into small devices. We offer this sensor both as a stand-alone sensor for OEM applications, or on an MX board as a member of our Smart Sensor line.

• ExplorIR®-W (formerly CozIR WR for wide-range) CO2 sensor adds optional temperature and %RH sensing, and optional analog voltage output. We offer this sensor in 5%, 20%, 60% and 100% CO2 models.

Other GSS CO2 Sensors

In addition to the renamed CozIR WR and MinIR CO2 sensors, there are still 3 sensors in the GSS product line:

• CozIR-LP® (low power). This ambient air CO2 sensor is the latest generation of small-footprint designs. Its world-leading low power consumption makes it ideal for battery powered systems, including portable, wearable and self-powered applications. Learn more.

• CozIR-A® (formerly AMB for ambient air) is the original GSS CO2 sensor built on LED technology. We offer this sensor in 2,000ppm and 10,000ppm versions with or without built-in temperature and %RH.

• SprintIR-WR® (wide range) sensors continue to be the fastest responding CO2 sensors on the market, with the ability to take 20 readings per second. This makes it useful for breath analysis and other real-time CO2 monitoring applications. We offer this sensor in both 20% and 100% CO2 models.

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