Indoor Air Quality In the Classroom

The effect of poor indoor air quality in classrooms has been known for years. Chronic illnesses, poor learning and increased absenteeism have all been attributed to poor IAQ.

This is why we at CO2Meter take the time to help our clients in education understand the importance of air quality through the sharing of information, as well as and low-cost and donated products and services.

  • There isn’t much profit in a $149 CO2 meter, but we’re regularly contacted by schools who need custom quotes, lengthy vendor applications, and Net 30 invoices to complete the sale. We gladly do this as a long-term investment in the education the product will provide.
  • We maintain and constantly update our website links to IAQ in the schools. Instructors tell us it is one of the best resources they have found on the web. (Have any links to add? please share them with us).
  • We regularly provide sensors at low cost or no cost for high school CO2 measurement projects. Our engineers then work directly with the students to help them integrate our products.
  • We offer the CO2 Probe, an easy to use USB device we have specifically designed and manufacture for student projects.

Taken individually, our efforts may be small. But we believe that if everyone in our industry does their part to promote IAQ in the classroom, over time the benefit to all of our futures will be assured.

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