Mushroom Farming in Rwanda Can be Profitable & Change Lives

It all started with a short email from Laurent Demuynck, a mushroom farmer, who wanted to know what the shipping cost would be to ship CO2 meters to his farm in Rwanda.

What surprised us was that not only Demuynck then purchased two cSense CO2 Monitors with temperature, %RH, and relay for his mushroom growing operation, but that he and his farm were featured by the Stanford Graduate School of Business in an article titled, "Changing Lives by Changing Mushroom Farming and Consumption in Rwanda.

In the article, Demuynck explained how he planed to use mushroom farming as both an economic and a social project in his country.

"I took the twin concepts of ‘social’ and ‘enterprise’ seriously,” said Demuynck, a 1995 graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. “It is possible to do good and make money.”

Demuynck didn’t come initially to the Stanford GSB with Rwanda or mushroom growing in mind, though he did know he wanted to move away from investment banking.

“I was in finance before business school, and I came to the Stanford GSB to do something very hands-on,” said Demuynck, who is from Belgium. “I wanted to work in an environment that ‘made stuff,’ and preferably in a small company, where you felt your actions had more of an impact on the bottom line. But never did I think I would end up doing mushrooms in Rwanda.”

Demuynck isn't the first business person to express interest in our CO2 meters. Over the years, we have had so many clients in the mushroom farming industry we began to place ads at and to create a page specifically for mushroom growers on our website.

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