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CO2 Safety Monitoring at Leonard's Syrups

Interview: Safety Monitoring and Importance to Customers. Carbonation/CO2 Proactivity from Leonard's Syrups, MI - CO2 and Michigan Beverage

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with its Michigan Beverage subsidiary branches located in Grand Rapids and Saginaw Michigan; Leonard’s Syrups has found that focusing on safety helps bring clients into a relationship, rather than turning them away.

“Bringing Beverage Grade CO2/Nitrogen to every client in a safe, cost efficient manner is the heart of Leonard’s Syrups MI-CO2 division. We find that by bringing CO2 Meter products into our client’s workplace, it provides our clients both operational peace of mind, and a much easier relationship with their local inspection agencies, whether fire, building or health.” noted Leonard Bugajewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Leonard’s Syrups.

“As a 54 year old company, we have seen great changes in our business lines over the decades. Yet we have found one of the most important things to our clients is to make certain THEIR clients and employees are able to enjoy a safe experience in their businesses, with minimal disruption” continued Leonard. “It is important to us to do the right thing; and using CO2 Meter products for protection IS the right thing for both our clients, their guests, AND our employees.”

Leonard’s and its subsidiaries have chosen CO2 Meter out of Ormond Beach, FL as its CO2 safety provider thanks to its technology, its ease of use, its’ NFPA and International Fire Code approval, and specifically, according to Leonard, “the wonderful personal assistance of Josh and his staff whenever we call about anything.”.

“As we have multiple business lines; everything from a CO2/Nitrogen and Gas Division, to our Detroit City Soda and Motor City Soda Manufacturing Division, all the way to a Draft Beer Equipment and Line Cleaning Division, we depend on CO2 meters not only for our accounts, but for ourselves as well. Every employee that comes into contact with CO2, whether as an Installer, a Repairman, or CO2 delivery driver; is protected by a personal monitor from CO2 Meter, and we sell or lease CO2 Meters to our accounts for their Beer Coolers and CO2 tank locations” added Leonard.

Leonard Bugajewski - June 6, 2018


Leonard’s Syrups & MI-CO2 are Detroit, Michigan based businesses serving both large and small scale companies across a multi-platform business spectrum. Leonard’s is proud to be a CERTIFIED City of Detroit and Wayne County Headquartered Business, Detroit Small Business, Detroit Based Business, Equal Opportunity Employer and a certified “Pure Michigan” Business. Its full line subsidiary Michigan Beverage has locations in Grand Rapids and Saginaw, Michigan.

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