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Agricultural Research Facility Uses CO2Meter K30 Sensors

CO2 K30 FS Fast Response Sensor

CO2Meter continues to work with key innovators who all share the same passion in leading innovation and advancements in technologies.

One intriguing CO2Meter collaboration deals with NC State University and their very own Phytotron department. This department specifically houses over 50 environmental growth chambers and five rooftop greenhouses. The research facility conducts year-round plant research and deals heavily with our very own K30 FS Fast Response Sensor (SE-0117). We were lucky enough to interview Samuel Cho, a Laboratory Researcher at NC State to get a glimpse of his experience and understand the importance of measuring CO2 in the growth chambers.  

Sam stated, "One of the major variables in people's research, as you may know, is CO2. Within the past few years we have been trying to find an affordable and reliable CO2 sensor and ultimately went with your company. We rely heavily on your K30 FS Fast Response Sensors and it has worked pretty well for us!"

In gaining Sam's feedback in regards to the capabilities and integration of the sensor in the growth chambers, the team at CO2Meter became fascinated with the research of the project in environmental greenhouses and discovered much more on the Phytotron project at NC State University. 

An image of the K30 FS Response Sensor in a Growth Chamber at NC State

Picture of the K30 FS Fast ResponseSensor in a Growth Chamber

The CO2Meter team interviewed Sam, to discuss the importance of the K30 SE-0117 and its use overall in the NC State environmental research. 

CO2Meter: Sam, could you tell us more about the mission at Phytotron and how you got started?

Sam: "We are part of the NC State University, and Phytotron initially provides growth chambers for researchers/companies to conduct their overall research. Our goal is to provide stable and consistent environmental conditions for researchers to effectively and efficiently conduct their studies in agriculture."

CO2Meter: Sam, how has CO2Meter's sensor technologies assisted in your overall industry in helping provide measurement, solutions, and data logging in your space?

Sam: "Overall CO2Meter was found to provide very affordable and efficient carbon dioxide sensor technologies. We have experience also, with Vaisala CO2 sensors as well, these were stable however they did not meet our budget requirements."

CO2Meter: In your experience what has been the greatest change in your specific industry or most important aspect in your research, regarding CO2?

Sam: "With climate change and newer research in regards to Carbon Dioxide, researchers, in my opinion, are starting to take Carbon Dioxide implementation in studies more seriously." 

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor provider, and utilize their solutions for your research?

Sam: "A close researcher recommended using the CO2Meter sensors as an alternative from Vaisala, given the good experience."

View an inside perspective of the K30 FS Fast Response Sensor in NC State University Research

Picture of the CO2Meter SE-0117 in the Growth Chamber

CO2Meter: In what ways does your industry use Carbon Dioxide?

Sam: "Our project uses Carbon Dioxide specifically for data logging analysis and further CO2 research on its benefits towards plant growth." 

CO2Meter: Has anyone in your company or those around you experienced any unfortunate CO2 exposure incidents to themselves or negative effects on the plants?

Sam: "No."

CO2Meter: Overall, what were the results from monitoring CO2 and what was the most fascinating aspect of the research that was found?

Sam: "We really enjoyed the fast response of the CO2 sensors and the overall capability to tie into our controllers themselves."

In addition to gaining industry feedback from Sam at NC State University, CO2Meter continues to recognize the large impact that carbon dioxide has been able to play in regards to its importance in plant yields and research development.

CO2Meter will only continue to provide technological solutions and gas detection devices to universities alike, to continue to further scientific advancements for the future.

About Phytotron: Phytotron is labeled as, "A facility for growing plants under various combinations of strictly controlled environmental conditions. Phytotrons are usually laboratories expressly designed for studies of the response of plants to their environment, and they are so organized that many combinations of environmental factors can be studied simultaneously. Elements that can be controlled are light quality, day and night length, temperature, water, nutrients, and soil composition."

Currently, the Phytotron facility is developing methods specifically around controlling humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). 

For more information on NC State University and the Phytotron studies, visit: https://phytotron.ncsu.edu/greenhouses/


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