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Using CO2 Sensors to Improve Occupant Health & Wellness: with Attune IoT

Using CO2 Sensors to Improve Occupant Health & Wellness: with Attune IoT

As many individuals know, indoor air quality in buildings plays a critical role toward our occupant comfort, health and productivity. In fact, by automatically monitoring indoor air quality, many building managers can also ensure their buildings meet the required standards and that they are managing HVAC, most efficiently. Because of the overwhelming number of air pollutants, building managers also must check indoor air quality, constantly.

That’s why the question of how to improve indoor air quality is one of the most frequently asked questions for building managers.

Without proper indoor air quality monitoring, occupants can experience severe negative health effects and damage to a building's framework can also be disastrous. Commercial building managers must always be on the lookout for ways to improve a building's ventilation system and also reduce energy costs. But, with energy being the most considerable operational expense, it makes sense to invest in indoor air quality monitoring and smart technology systems.  

Today, while there are many options that can aid in improving indoor air quality for building managers, none are utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) concept quite like the company,  Attune IoT

Attune IoT, is a company that provides indoor air quality solutions and conditional monitoring for schools, remote facility management, universities, research facilities, and many other indoor air applications. The company was founded in 2014, by Dr. Serene Almomen and Dr. Julien Stamatakis. The company’s roots can be traced back to Julien’s passion and use of accelerometer sensors for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease. It was when Julien realized that there was such a small portion of the built environment being digitized, that he understood there was a real data gap and created a vital solution. Today, the company has continued to grow due to its unique, high-quality, IoT solutions that have been recognized as a leading tool for providing indoor air quality data collection and building insights across the globe. 

The team at CO2Meter has been fortunate to forge great partnerships like that with Attune IoT, who utilize our carbon dioxide sensors to integrate within their IoT indoor air quality solutions. It is with this integration that provides customers with a means to “measure the invisible” and paired with IoT gain a specific set of mechanical, electrical, and environmental data. 

We recently interviewed Benjamin Rusco, Business Development Specialist at Attune IoT to discuss the importance of indoor air quality monitoring, our partnership, and upcoming trends in the industry - just in time for back to school season. 

Let’s Talk about Attune IoT

CO2Meter: Tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started?

Attune IoT: “Attune IoT was founded in 2014 by Dr. Serene Almomen and Dr. Julien Stamatakis, they devised an innovative IoT architecture based on modular industrial design principles. This architecture allowed easy integration of next-gen sensors, resulting in diverse product variations and faster time-to-market.”

“This adaptability also led them to pivot towards targeting underperforming buildings, utilizing real-time sensor data to diagnose building health. Over the years, Attune IoT has significantly expanded its IoT Platform's reach, offering leading products in PropTech domains like energy efficiency, HVAC asset conditional monitoring, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), remote facility management, and more.”

CO2Meter: Tell us about your overall application and the importance of gas in the field?

Attune IoT: “At Attune IoT, our mission revolves around creating safer indoor spaces with advanced IAQ devices. Gases like VOCs and CO2 are vital indicators of air quality, impacting occupants' well-being. VOCs can lead to discomfort and respiratory issues, while high CO2 levels signal poor ventilation. Our devices monitor these gasses in real time, empowering decisions that enhance safety and well-being. Attune prioritizes safety through technology, ensuring indoor spaces are healthy and secure.”

CO2Meter: When it comes to measuring gases are you more interested in analysis, control, or safety aspects?

Attune IoT: “When it comes to measuring gases, our primary interests lie in both analysis and safety aspects. While analysis enables us to gain a comprehensive understanding of indoor air quality and its components, safety remains a paramount concern. Accurate measurement of gasses, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide (CO2), allows us to analyze air quality trends, identify potential hazards, and ensure the safety of occupants. By combining thorough analysis with a strong focus on safety, we create environments that are not only well-informed but also safeguarded for the well-being of all individuals involved.”

Attune IoT and CO2Meter Partnership

CO2Meter: When it comes to CO2Meter technologies can you describe your overall experience and what advantages/disadvantages you have observed within your application?

Attune IoT: “Regarding CO2Meter, our experience has been both insightful and advantageous for our application. CO2Meter has played a significant role in enhancing our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) devices and the overall effectiveness of our solution.” 

“Advantages of CO2Meter solutions include accurate monitoring of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, which are crucial for assessing indoor air quality and making informed interventions. The real-time data enables proactive responses to ventilation issues, ensuring optimal indoor air quality.” 

“Customizable alert systems in many CO2Meter devices prevent potential health risks by notifying users when CO2 levels exceed safe thresholds. Additionally, these technologies are designed for easy integration into existing systems, enhancing the versatility of our IAQ devices and enabling comprehensive solutions."

"Our experience with CO2Meter overall has been positive, significantly contributing to the efficacy of our IAQ devices. The advantages of accurate monitoring, real-time data, alert systems, and integration possibilities have empowered us to enhance indoor air quality and safety for occupants. While considerations such as calibration and costs are relevant, the benefits of these technologies far outweigh the potential drawbacks.”

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter specifically as a source?

Attune IoT: “We chose CO2Meter specifically as a source due to our prior collaboration with the sensor manufacturer before their acquisition. Following their recommendation, we transitioned to working with CO2Meter. Having previously acquired samples from them, our CTO, Julien Stamatakis, decided to give them an opportunity. Their support has been exceptional, offering readily available technical resources that have made a significant difference in our collaboration. This seamless partnership has enabled us to continue our work effectively and efficiently.”

CO2Meter: Can you talk about your overall application and how CO2Meter has aided in your project/research/application/mission?

Attune IoT: “Certainly, our overarching application at Attune centers around creating safer and healthier indoor environments through our advanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) devices. CO2Meter has proven to be an invaluable asset in advancing our project's mission. By seamlessly integrating their technologies into our IAQ devices, we've significantly enhanced our ability to monitor and manage indoor air quality.” 

“CO2Meter has played a pivotal role in our project by providing accurate and real-time measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within indoor spaces. This data is critical in assessing ventilation effectiveness and ensuring optimal air quality. Through this precise monitoring, we can promptly identify areas with inadequate ventilation and take proactive measures to address them, thereby enhancing the comfort and well-being of occupants.” 

“The integration possibilities of CO2Meter’s sensors have further amplified the impact of our IAQ devices. These technologies effortlessly integrate into existing systems, making our devices versatile and adaptable across various settings. Whether in offices, schools, healthcare facilities, or residential spaces, CO2Meter has helped us provide comprehensive solutions tailored to each environment's unique requirements. They have become an integral part of our mission, enabling us to advance our application's effectiveness by ensuring that indoor spaces are healthier, safer, and more conducive to well-being.”

The Future in IoT and Indoor Air Quality Solutions

CO2Meter: When it comes to your solutions, how do you feel they stand against others in the field, what makes them unique, diverse, and so sought after?

Attune IoT: “At Attune IoT, we take immense pride in the uniqueness and effectiveness of our solutions. Our solutions shine in the field due to their innovative technology, real-time accuracy, and versatility. What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach, monitoring multiple factors like gasses, particulate matter, temperature, and humidity, providing actionable insights for diverse indoor environments.” 

“Our focus on safety is unmatched – with alert systems and technical resources ensuring occupant well-being. Attune isn't just about data; it's about creating a healthier, safer, and more productive indoor experience, making our solutions highly sought after.”

CO2Meter: What would you say the next 1, 2, or 3 years look like in your field in terms of trends and innovation?

Attune IoT: “Over the next 1, 2, or 3 years, Attune envisions our field embracing trends like AI integration, sustainability, and IoT connectivity. We foresee smarter, energy-efficient solutions driven by predictive insights and personalized IAQ offerings. As sensor technology advances, our devices will become more compact and versatile. Attune is at the forefront of these changes, leading innovation for safer and healthier indoor environments.”

CO2Meter: If customers wanted to gain further information on your company, projects, and resources - what URL could we provide them with to gain further insights?

CO2Meter: If you could speak directly to our customers, what would you tell them about the CO2Meter technology and your experience with CO2Meter?

Attune: “We are thrilled to share our experience with CO2Meter. It has been a game-changer for Attune's mission to create safer indoor environments. The accuracy provided by CO2Meter devices have empowered us to make informed decisions for optimal indoor air quality. Their crucial technical support has seamlessly ensured occupant safety, all while assisting Attune in fulfilling our unwavering commitment to our valued customers."

"CO2Meter's seamless integration has enhanced the effectiveness of our IAQ solutions, contributing to our commitment to healthier spaces. Working with CO2Meter has truly elevated our capabilities and the satisfaction of our customers.”

CO2Meter agrees, making special note of Attune’s remarkable IoT solutions and mission. We value our partnership with leaders in the industry like Attune IoT and enjoy being able to work alongside other manufacturers that have a similar passion in helping those in our industry track, measure, and understand vital factors that impact their day-to-day lives like carbon dioxide and IAQ.

Prioritizing your health and well-being is essential and with more than 90% of our time spent indoors there is no excuse when it comes to maintaining a healthier indoor air environment. With Attune IoT’s air quality solutions not only can you measure what is in the air, you can ensure that you get the best possible performance out of anyone working in that space, but also ensure that the ventilation is running at optimal levels without wasting any more energy.

While there are many types of air quality solutions, the best options will allow you to compare levels and determine which areas actually need improvement. The team at Attune IoT is setting the mark high by offering unique solutions and fully smart systems that use sensors and combine them with IoT to give you the best results. With these technologies, you can always be sure to have a comfortable atmosphere, ventilated infrastructure, and happy occupants, no matter what season it is.

If you have any further questions on how to improve indoor air quality or what solution is best for your specific industry or environment, please reach out to Attune IoT. They’ll answer all of your questions and more.


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