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CO2 Exposure and Safety Monitoring

CO2 Customer Safety Insight

CO2Meter is fortunate to have forged great partner relationships with gas suppliers across the globe like OXARC. They offer a wide range of gases and services in addition to our CO2Meter safety monitors to their customers in restaurant, brewing, food packaging, indoor growing, welding, and safety industries.

OXARC® Inc. provides industrial and welding supplies, specialty gases, safety products and training to a variety of industries and applications.

They take pride in operating 21 locations across the Northwestern US as well as operating two training schools which provide Certified Welding Inspection Services. You can learn more about them at their website OXARC.com.

CO2Meter recently interviewed Wayne Holloway, Specialty Gas Coordinator at OXARC, to discuss the importance of gas safety monitoring.

CO2Meter: Tell us more about OXARC.

Wayne: "OXARC is a family owned business which started up in 1968, we have been providing industrial, welding and medical supplies plus specialty gases for all of the Northwest. We also stock whole sale items with emergency repair warranty repair and all of the welding products you’ll need. I personally was hired to develop the CO2 micro bulk division for the Portland area almost 4 years ago, my goal is to offer my knowledge and provide the best customer service available."

CO2Meter: How do OXARC customers use CO2?

Wayne: "Now that the cannabis industry is in full swing CO2 is used in specific parts per million for their plants. At one time our customers consisted of breweries, restaurants, tap houses and convenient stores, we carbonated their soda pop and beer. But now it’s expanded and we have become experts on all avenues and look forward to what’s coming next."

CO2Meter: How has the industry changed over the years in regards to CO2 safety?

Wayne: "In my experience our industry has changed due to the fact that all of my customers who have CO2 are required to have CO2 monitors and alarms in every room. My customers want to be safe, and knowing that they can enter their facility without concern is a huge peace of mind."

CO2Meter: What about CO2 Safety Monitoring?

Wayne: "For as strict as it’s become in the last year for supplying CO2, I can only imagine how things may advance in the future. But, adding CO2 alarms, monitoring, labeling and placarding are a step in the right direction. It’s hard to forecast to see how things may change the next 3 to 5 years but as the old saying goes, 'rather be safe than sorry.'"

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter equipment?

Wayne: "I chose CO2 meter as my provider because of not only the quality of the equipment but because of the sales team and customer service that comes along with it. A top notch product and a top notch company is hard to find."

In addition to the partnership with Oxarc, CO2Meter has several key supplier partnerships all whom have found our fixed CO2 wall mounted devices or wearable personal gas monitoring products a huge factor when it comes to protection in the field and for their customers.

We continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements in order to assist our customer's and supplier's needs.

For more information visit our website, email us at Sales@CO2Meter.com or speak to an expert at (877) 678-4259.

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