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CO2 Exposure and Safety Monitoring - Helget Gas Products

CO2Meter is fortunate to have forged great partner relationships with gas suppliers across the globe whom we supply our safety monitors as a component of the service they offer.

The team at Helget Gas Products is one of those partners.

Helget Gas has been a supplier of gas products and services to the Beverage and Medical Industries since the early 80's. Helget’s dedication to providing top quality customer service and individualized solutions to meet their customers’ needs are just a portion of what sets Helget apart from the competition.

CO2Meter recently interviewed Nate Lane, Sales Director at Helget, about safety monitoring and their relationship with CO2Meter.

“Safety monitoring is very important to Helget Gas Products, our team members and our customers. One of the core values our company holds is “Team & Service to Others”. CO2 safety monitoring is not required everywhere. However, at Helget we feel our proactive approach on the education of our team members and customers on the potential dangers of CO2, while offering the latest technology from CO2Meter, allows team members and customers to be prepared when an issue may arise. This ultimately protects a company's #1 asset, their team!"

Question: Tell us about Helget’s experience with CO2 exposure as well as that of your customers? Have you and your customers experienced CO2 incidents?

"CO2 exposure does happen daily. Our team members and customers find themselves working near potential problem areas such as BIB racks and in beer coolers on a regular basis. Many times, the initial thought is to add CO2 protection around the bulk CO2 tank, which is a key area required by code. With new technologies emerging on storage vessels, the shift in the industry is now in identifying additional potential risk areas such as in and around the BIB racks and in the beer coolers. Providing continuous education about actively monitoring these areas provides additional safe guards to customers and their employees especially in confined areas like beer coolers."

Question: As Helget has grown both in size and product offerings how has the importance of “safety” for employees and customers kept pace at Helget?

"As a national provider of beverage and medical gas products and other equipment, our team members and our customers are our life blood. Many times, our customers may not understand if monitoring is required in their business. At Helget Gas, we try to share local code requirements with customers along with the additional capabilities of the monitoring equipment that go far beyond if it is required or not. Safety is very important to our culture at Helget Gas. We are always interested in new developments or technology to better help us in the safety of our team and customers."

"Through our partnership with CO2Meter, we have found fixed monitors for beverage and medical gas monitoring and are currently evaluating wearable personal monitoring protection for our field and driver team members."

Question: The Helget team has evaluated and utilized several products for CO2 safety. Why did you decide to utilize CO2Meter for your business and customers devices?

"We needed a great product and a quality partnership with a company who aligned with our core values. The team at CO2Meter provides national products and support to customers just as we do! When you combine expert level knowledge, great product and a passion for safety; those qualities align with our core values and that's why we are partners with CO2Meter."

Question: What do the next 3-5 years look like from a CO2 safety perspective from a Helget point of view?

"We will continue to grow with the safety industry and offer best in class safety equipment in order to aid our customers and team members with technology that will allow them to safely complete their duties."

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