CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms, Greenhouses Updated

co2 controller grow rooms

Our CO2 Controller for grow rooms and greenhouses has added 2 new features: advanced hysteresis logic to save energy and CO2, and the ability to control a ventilation fan when CO2 levels get too high. These new features make it perfect for both indoor growers and for mushroom farms.

The Day Night CO2 Monitor & Controller for Greenhouses (RAD-0501) has all the features indoor growers appreciate that has made it one of the fastest-selling CO2 controllers on the market.

  • Accurate CO2 generator/regulator control
  • Photo sensor turns off CO2 at night
  • Easy fresh-air calibration

What’s new is the built-in, advanced hysteresis logic. Instead of setting “high” and “low” CO2 levels, you now set a “target” CO2 level. The controller will attempt to maintain the target level while minimizing the number of times it turns the power to a regulator or generator on and off. This not only saves energy, but minimizes the amount of CO2 generated or consumed. Learn more here.

The CO2 Controller for Mushroom Farms & Growers (RAD-0501A) has all the same features. What makes it different is that it is pre-set at the factory to turn on a fan whenever CO2 levels get too high. This makes it a useful tool during pinning, which is sensitive to high CO2 levels. By setting a target CO2 level, ventilation is kept at a minimum, which lowers heating and cooling costs. Learn more here.

Of course, both products come with our full, 1 year warranty, phone support, and at a great price.

Posted by CO2 Meter on July 08, 2016.
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