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CO2 Sensors and Environmental Monitoring

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Wineries

CO2Meter continues to work with many industries, leading professionals, and customers who all share the common goal in gaining precise, accurate, and reliable gas concentration measurements. Whether that be for safety, monitoring, or further analysis in their respective environments.

With much changing in the world that we know of today, we could not help but share one intriguing customer collaboration with Owner and Environmentalist, Heinz Surbeck, with Nucfilm GmbH. 

Nucfilm GmBH, is a company located in Cordast-Freiburg Switzerland and focuses on environmental monitoring in the areas of hydrogeology, spectrometry, radioactivity, and aero radiometry. For the past decade, Heinz has been specifically on environmental radioactivity and the use of various sensors to gain accurate measurements of monitoring.

Aside from the highly fascinating case studies that the company has been able to curate over the years, more recently the team has created a pipeline for an autonomous landfill monitor, together with CO2, O2, T, RH, and P sensors which are controlled by an Arduino, RTC and data storage on an OpenLog.

For any of these studies, the team relies on the use of gas sensor technologies in order to further understand their findings and criteria. If successful in this project, there will be 10 to 20 more produced by the end of the year. 

In discussing carbon dioxide (CO2) gases, we were thrilled to get a chance to gather specific feedback from Heinz, to further understand his studies and of course - his use with our very own gas sensing solutions.

In gaining Heinz's feedback in regards to the sensors, CO2Meter was able to further investigate the real importance of our sensors in similar applications and enabled us to discuss with others in similarly respected fields.

Here is what we gathered.

CO2Meter: Heinz, thank you for taking the time out to talk with us today. Tell us a little bit about your industry.  How did you get started, and what is the main mission?

Heinz Surbeck: "As a PhD in experimental physics from ETH-Zurich, former head of the Swiss Federal Environmental Radioactivity Lab, and former lecturer at ETH-Zurich - I was able to found ten years ago the company Nucfilm Gmbh, to avoid retirement and continue my interests."

CO2Meter: What are your fields specialty areas?

Heinz Surbeck: "Environmental Radioactivity, lab capacity for analyzing radium, radium and radon water samples. As well as monitoring of various gases in air, soil and groundwater, mainly for waste dump and former industry site remediation. Currently, I am still helping Msc and PhD students with this field work and creating custom made instruments for the environmental projects."

CO2Meter: In your experience what has been the greatest change in your industry within the last 5 years?

Heinz Surbeck: "Overall, it has been the need to continue to help the student in both Switzerland and Hungary as it pertains to environmental monitoring and analysis."

CO2Meter: Are you more concerned in your studies with compliance, safety, measurement, or analysis as it pertains to gases such as CO2?

Heinz Surbeck: "Mainly, analysis." 

Pictured Above: GC-0002, CU-1001, OX-0052, and GC-0025

CO2Meter sensing technologies used in the research

CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2Meter sensors and describe your experience when using our technologies within your field?

Heinz Surbeck: "I have been using COZIR CO2 sensors for many years, since some years ago also your optical O2 sensors and more recently your CH4 sensors to gain measurements across the field. I have had a hard time searching for an alternative to COZIR sensors and quite expensive CH4 sensors and luckily found your site to gain our required needs for further analysis."

Pictured Above, Octocopter instrument from Nucfilm GmbH

CO2Meter: With the upcoming trends and technologies emerging, what are a few trends that have become more abundant in your industry?

Heinz Surbeck: "Gas sensors with acceptable performance such as yours have become affordable. This is very important for instruments especially in university research such as for my students as their financial resources can be somewhat limited.

CO2Meter: If customers wanted to gain access to further understanding a bit more on your overall research and studies, where could they find additional information?

Heinz Surbeck: "You can find our case studies and research projects directly on our website: http://www.nucfilm.ch/index.html 

In addition to gaining industry feedback from Heinz, CO2Meter continues to recognize the large and continual evolving impact that carbon dioxide and many other gases have when discussing advancements and research across multiple fields. It's important to also understand the inert gases and their involvement within industries such as environmental monitoring, as these gases can be measured in order to keep levels particularly steady in environments such as greenhouse, aquaculture, or even hydroponics. 

Like the research currently being produced by Heinz and his students, many other universities are seeking similar high-quality sensing technologies in order to further their applicational studies and finalize their research in the field.

For more information on CO2 sensing solutions and technologies for your application speak to an expert today: Sales@CO2Meter.com or visit us, here.

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