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CO2Meter's Remote CO2 Alarm for Indoor Growers

Indoor Growroom and Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is all around us, it's what we exhale everyday, however most individuals tend to forget that it also plays a large role in a plant's life cycle.

How does Carbon Dioxide work for plants?

CO2 as many of us may have learned in class, is essential for plants in order to complete the process of photosynthesis. This process is where plants are able to convert carbon dioxide into energy. That being said, high levels of CO2 are no stranger to not only indoor farmers, but indoor cannabis growers.

Since CO2 is an essential element for plants, it can result in stronger yields and the best possible end product.

For those unaware, photosynthesis begins when the crops use carbon dioxide in combination with lights from the sun to produce sugar and oxygen. Then the sugar is used by the plant to grow while the oxygen is then released back into the atmosphere. Not only does increasing carbon dioxide levels for your plant allow your plants to create more energy, but it also results in more fruitful, productive, and higher quality products.

How to maintain the proper Carbon Dioxide levels?

Like many indoor growers and cultivators, they recognize the need importance of carbon dioxide in their grow, however, they rely CO2 monitors to ensure optimal levels, control, or provide safety for their establishment.

To provide some perspective, the team at CO2Meter was fortunate to have worked alongside one of the leading indoor cannabis cultivation and dispensary companies in Michigan, Sozo.

At Sozo, the company continues to stand by the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm to provide indication and monitor for dangerously high concentrations of CO2 in their grow facility.

We wanted to hear straight from the source at Sozo and were lucky to conduct an interview of head of operations, Nick, who shared his experience of using  CO2Meter monitors within the facility and why monitoring is important for his staff. 

CO2Meter: Tell us a little bit about your company and/or industry.
Nick: "We are a large scale cannabis grow and retail company. we currently have one large cultivation site with multiple dispensary's around the state of Michigan."

CO2Meter: What are you trying to solve by using our solutions?

Nick: "We are using your Co2 Meters for multiple things. Due to recent regulations we are required to have an emergency air purge system in all areas Co2 is used. We use your alarm to signal our audible our Horn) it also sends signals to our intake and variable exhaust dampers to open when our threshold has been exceeded. We also use your alarms to send a signal to a central relay system that's attached to a large blower motor to increase speed to purge the air."

CO2Meter: Tell us the specific product(s) you have purchased and what features are most valuable to you?

Nick: "The RAD - 0102-6 Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm. I would say the multiple alarm signals is very useful."

CO2 Storage Safety Alarm

CO2Meter: Tell us why you chose CO2Meter?

Nick: "Familiarity in the industry."

CO2Meter: After utilizing our product, would you recommend it to others?

Nick: "Yes, especially due to the easy user interface for programming".

CO2Meter: When looking at product documentation, which do you find most useful for indoor growers?

Nick: "Your documentation, particularly, the Manual."

CO2Meter: How easy on a scale of 1-5 would you say it is to use our product?

Nick: "Three."

CO2Meter: What would you tell other indoor growers looking to make a decision on purchasing a carbon dioxide monitor in their facility?

Nick: "We happen to use more than twenty of the CO2Meter Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarms and Strobe Lights, we have never had any problems. CO2Meter offers an extremely friendly and professional staff. If carbon dioxide alarms is what you need, this is your company."

Additionally, many individuals are not only looking to monitor carbon dioxide in their grow rooms for safety, they are also looking specifically at controlling the carbon dioxide levels.

For this purpose, CO2Meter also provides a Day/Night CO2 Monitor & Controller specific for indoor greenhouses that can be used in grow rooms or hydropic rooms where elevated carbon dioxide levels are used to maximize plant growth.

The RAD-0501 monitor allows the indoor grower the ability to also set high and low target CO2 levels and provides a built-in photo sensor that overrides the CO2 control and shuts off the CO2 when it senses darkness. This alone, saves many dollars and conserves energy by only supplying CO2 during the light cycle when it is needed.

In addition to customers like Nick, CO2Meter has several key partnerships surrounding indoor agriculture who all have found our fixed wall mounted devices to serve as a huge benefactor when it comes to ensuring CO2 safety. 

The best way to deal with carbon dioxide (CO2) indoors, is to monitor it. And, at CO2Meter, we are proud to provide solutions that can ensure an indication of higher than normal thresholds all while maintaining customers overall health and well-being. 

As we continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements - we would love if you could share your overall experience with us to better assist our customer's and supplier's needs towards the future!

For more information visit our website or email us at Sales@CO2Meter.com

For more information on Sozo, visit their website: here

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