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Food Storage


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Food Storage Partners

Our food storage CO2 and O2 monitors are accurate, easy to use, and are designed to ensure food quality and reduce food spoilage.

  • Most CO2 and O2 analyzers offer push-to-start capabilities
  • Allows easy detection of CO2 and O2 gases produced by insects/mold
  • Mitigate bacteria growth and lower the pH of preserved food
  • Keep food storage fresh and prevent any food-borne illnesses
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Using CO2 and O2 Analyzers to Detect Food Spoilage

CO2 and O2 analyzers can be used for early detection of spoilage in food storage, grain silos and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to monitor the quality of food. For those in safe grain storage, this application usually results in the need for ensuring  CO2 concentrations below 600 ppm, while concentrations of 600-1500 ppm indicate the potential for mold growth. when CO2 concentrations shoot above 1500 ppm severe infestations can be present, making analyzing gases critical to prevent food-borne illnesses. Learn more about gas monitoring in food storage applications, here.

Benefits of Gas Monitoring in Food Storage 

  1. Mitigate loss of flavor, loss of color, and microbial spoilage in foods
  2. Gain higher quality stored grain, and lower mycotoxin levels
  3. Improve shelf-life of fresh foods like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits
  4. Save millions of dollars in grain production and food storage

Research by Purdue University has confirmed that high CO2 levels detected by stationary and portable devices are associated with high levels of spoilage and the presence of mycotoxins.

Furthermore, they compared the ability of temperature sensors and CO2 sensors in a storage unit filled with grain to detect the presence of ‘hot spots’ created to mitigate mold growth and ensure optimal grain quality for consumers.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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