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Gas Sensors

Our carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compound sensor modules are tested, best-of-class solutions for OEM manufacturers, scientists, engineers, universities, and students.

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What is a Gas Sensor?

Gas sensors detect the presence or concentration of gases. Depending on the gas, the sensor measures a change in heat, infrared absorption, a chemical change, or ionization when exposed to the target gas. The concentration measured produces a corresponding change measured as an output voltage.

Gas Sensor Applications


Gas Sensors for Safety

Gas detection and monitoring has always been closely connected with the protection of individuals working in hazardous environments where the presence of dangerous gases can be found. When it comes to gas sensor technologies, you can always guarantee that at the heart of any gas detector is a gas sensor designed specifically to monitor and repeatedly measure the gas concentration to indicate higher than normal levels and ensure safety for those working in and around hazardous gases.

Indoor Air Quality/HVAC

Sensors for indoor air quality

Gas sensors are critical for monitoring indoor air quality. Examples include any enclosed spaces including homes, office buildings, classrooms, gymnasiums, and assisted living facilities. Not only do gas sensors provide a reliable early warning indicator of rising CO2 levels, but they can assist in energy efficiency and reducing wear and tear on HVAC systems. The added benefit of proper CO2 monitoring in indoor spaces is improved cognitive abilities and reductions of airborne diseases.

Medical and Life-Science

gas sensors in medical and life sciences

Gas sensors are used extensively in the medical and life science fields. Reliable gas capable of measuring parts per million are useful for bio-incubation, neuroscience, respiration, capnography, and many others. CO2Meter works with many universities like the University of California-Berkeley, who uses our SprintIR6S 20% CO2 Smart Sensor for its ability to record data 20x per second for their medical research.

Aerospace Industry

Gas Sensors in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry needs to accurately measure both oxygen and carbon dioxide gas concentrations in-flight and for testing to ensure crew productivity, as well as overall passenger comfort. One interesting study from the National University Capstone Project involved oxygen safety masks and our 0-25% UV Flux Oxygen Smart Sensors to record precise oxygen concentrations passing through an F-35 Lightning II Pilot Mask.

Industrial Applications

Industrial gas sensors

Gases are used or produced in hundreds of industrial applications. They need sensors that can withstand  aggressive and extreme environments. For example, the ExplorIR®-W CO2 Sensor can measure up to 100% CO2 concentrations even in high vibration and high humidity environments.


CO2 sensor used for indoor greenhouse

Agriculture needs dependable,, robust gas sensors to measure carbon dioxide to maximizing plant yields in indoor greenhouses. One sensor commonly used is the K30 1% CO2 Sensor due to its accuracy and ability to withstand a variety of aggressive climate conditions. In addition, the K30 1% CO2 Sensor is a preferred solution for plant disposal and composting.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere packaging sensor

MAP has become more prevalent in the last decade due to the demand for a longer shelf life of perishable products. Customers are looking to measure the CO2 or oxygen content present within the packaging. If there is an issue on the production line, it needs to be spotted quickly. We recommend the SprintIR®-6S for its high speed and ability to take readings at up to 20x per second. for pierceable packaging, the TecPen MAP Oxygen Analyzer is an ideal solution with its ability to measure 3x per second.


sensors in the transportation industry

The transportation industry has aggressively sought out sensor technologies over the last decade. They are looking at analyzing carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations in cargo like dry ice transportation, analyzing shipping containers to monitor product spoilage, prolong the life of perishable goods or shipping live animals. For customers in transportation applications, we recommend the CozIR®-A 10,000 ppm (1%) CO2 sensor due to its accuracy, low power consumption, and easy integration.

Fire Suppression Testing

CO2 sensor for Fire Suppression Testing

Fire suppression testing in computer labs rely heavily on monitoring of CO2 levels. CO2 is an ideal fire suppressor as it eliminates the oxygen that feeds the fire. Additional common environments may include switch room control panels, power generation systems, or gas turbine enclosures. One sensor that is utilized commonly is the SprintIR 6S 100% Carbon Dioxide Sensor for High-Speed Measurement. It is also integrated into  our most popular GasLab Pro® Carbon Dioxide Sampling 100% Data Logger, which is designed to measure CO2 concentrations in fire suppression testing and meets NFPA 12 & 17 requirements. 

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