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Mushroom Farms CO2 Solutions

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Mushroom Farming

Benefits of CO2 Controllers for Mushroom Farms

Carbon dioxide (CO2)  is produced during the mushroom's growth in compost, which negatively affects mushroom growth during pinning. This makes proper ventilation essential. Pinning is the trickiest part for a mushroom grower since a combination of CO2 concentration, temperature, light, and humidity triggers mushrooms towards fruiting. Carbon dioxide concentrations become elevated during the vegetative growth phase when the mycelium is sealed in gas-resistant plastic barriers or bags to trap gases produced by the growing mycelium. To induce pinning, the barrier is removed. CO2 concentrations are then lowered to about 0.08% to 0.04% (800ppm to 400ppm) - the levels found in ambient air).

Learn more about monitoring CO2 in mushroom farms, here.

How do you control CO2 in a mushroom grow room?

CO2 Mushroom Grow Controller

Monitoring carbon dioxide in addition to temperature and humidity is critical to maximizing mushroom growth. In order to control the right amount of CO2 in your mushrooms, all you have to do is connect a mushroom controller to the exhaust system of your farm.

Once connected, you will set a threshold to turn on air exchange fans when the CO2 levels get too high. When the correct CO2 level is reached the exhaust fan will automatically turn off giving you ideal control. 

What factors affect the success of a mushroom?

Typically mushroom farmers need to maintain a CO2 concentration between 800 to 1500ppm, dependent upon the type of the mushroom. At lower levels, the mushroom can lose size. At levels above 2,000ppm, the quality of mushrooms decreases.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
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