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Sensors: Oxygen Sensors

O2 Sensors

What is an 02 Gas Sensor?

An Oxygen (02) Gas Sensor is commonly used to measure oxygen concentrations in indoor air and can be temperature compensated for use in different environments. These environments can range from cryogenics, medical, scientific, welding, modified atmosphere packaging, and safety - to name a few.
Oxygen sensors also have a wide measurement range, allowing it to be used to study human and cell respiration.

What is a normal oxygen level for a gas detector?

Normal oxygen levels range between 19.5% and 23% (normal 20.8%). Most oxygen gas sensors measure between a range of 0-25%.

How does an oxygen gas sensor work?

Oxygen gas sensors operate based on electrochemical (EC) technologies. This means they measure a chemical reaction within the sensor which in turn creates an electrical output, proportional to the oxygen level.

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