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Fire Suppression Testing

CO2 Fire Suppression TestingHow does a CO2 fire suppression system work?

For many individuals using a CO2 fire suppression system, the system operates when a fire is detected and will activate or discharge a blanket of CO2 into the area where the fire is present. The CO2 then displaces the oxygen in the environment which will cause the fire to be extinguished. Although there are many benefits to using a CO2 fire suppression system, you should have safety measures in place to avoid overexposure and ensure proper analysis.

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What is a CO2 fire suppression system?

A CO2 fire suppression system, also known as a carbon dioxide fire suppression system, is a type of fire protection system designed to extinguish fires by flooding the protected area with carbon dioxide gas. It is commonly used in areas where water-based fire suppression systems are not suitable, such as electrical equipment rooms, data centers, or flammable liquid storage areas.

The principle behind a CO2 fire suppression system is that carbon dioxide is a heavy gas that displaces oxygen in the air, effectively suffocating the fire. When a fire is detected, the system releases a controlled amount of CO2 into the protected space, rapidly increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide. The elevated CO2 levels reduce the oxygen content below the level necessary to support combustion, effectively, and cost-effectively, extinguishing the fire. 

Importance of Testing CO2 with a CO2 Gas Analyzer

In order to test the CO2, you will need to comply with NFPA 12 standards and perform a field calibration of the analyzer. With all probes in the open air, turn on the analyzer and verify that the concentration reads 0% on the channel. Then, you will place all probes into a plastic bag and slowly discharge a CO2 fire extinguisher into the bag. Each channel should read 100%.

What are the standards for CO2 fire suppression systems?

100% Carbon Dioxide Sampling Data Logger

CO2 flooding systems require 34% CO2 concentration to extinguish a normal fire, while some chemical fires require 65-70%. These CO2 fire suppression system tests should be done every 12 months.

To perform a CO2 fire suppression test, you will need to purchase a CO2Meter 100% CO2 Sampling Data Logger, which meets the NFPA requirements. 


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