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Guide to using Portable CO2 Safety Monitors

CO2Meter Personal Safety Monitors

Personal CO2 Safety Monitoring

What is the importance? Well, if you have ever worked around hazardous environments with inert gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) - you may be exposed to dangerous levels. The majority of restaurant, beverage, cultivation, and brewery establishments all hold elevated levels of CO2 and without proper monitoring, can create critical hazards.
Being aware of the severe CO2 hazards that stem from CO2 exposure is the first step. The second is understanding personal safety and its role in confined indoor spaces and how personal CO2 safety monitors can prevent tragedies from occurring in your establishment. 

Luckily for you, we have you covered.

This short, personal CO2 safety article will talk you through a few steps to help educate on the importance of personal CO2 monitoring in your industry and give you the ability to assist in educating your colleagues and employees about the topic. 

Who needs a CO2 monitor, anyway?

The short answer is anyone who works near, in, and around CO2.

CO2 leaks can occur in many different places depending on the industry that you work in. For example, food and beverage industries usually find themselves working around CO2 in terms of the beverage dispensing areas - specifically the BIB racks and keg coolers. CO2 in restaurant and beverage industries is crucial to providing that "sensational fizz" we all know and love, but what we do not realize is the dangerous side.

CO2 exposure from leaks can occur at any time and often can lead to fatigue, headaches, irregular heartbeat, hypercapnia, and even death.

Some, may already be aware of the dangers of CO2 and have been approached by your local fire inspector and told to obtain a CO2 monitor due to regulation. 

But what about personal protection?

Let's get started.

If you have employees that spend any of their time in areas where CO2 is created or around possible leakage points they are the ones who need a personal safety monitor the most.

Benefits of personal safety monitors can include:

  • "On-the-Go detection
  • Highly accurate sensor technology
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Vigorous Vibration Settings
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • Man-Down Alarm (should an employee fall occur, triggers an individual)
  • "Peace of Mind" for employees/customers working in hazardous areas

Why personal co2 devices?


Personal CO2 Safety Monitor

Personal CO2 monitoring devices provide the user with the freedom to work while wearing a mobile device that ensures constant protection from inert gases.

Think of your facility and employees. Can you have a gas detection monitor covering ever possible leak point? Likely not. You and your staff need a mobile gas detection device that monitors for personal safety. The ease of having a gas detection monitor clipped to your belt or safety harness ensures every employee's personal safety.

Working in draft coolers or around fermentation and brite tanks, BIB racks, beverage dispensers, grain silos, or mash tuns all pose different levels of exposure that you and your employees should be mindful of.

Wearing a Personal CO2 Safety Monitor means you are in the clear.

While having any of these devices is not a legal requirement, the repercussions of a leak, deadly or not, can costs massive sums of money in insurance costs, fines, or lost revenue due to a shutdown. Even though there are no particular laws for personal safety, there are OSHA Confined Space Regulations that define what is and is not, a hazardous environment and the requirements you need to meet prior to an inspection.

What are the benefits of portable gas detectors?

The good news is, buying personal gas detection safety monitors for your employees will protect against the loss of life. Not only are you saving yourself from any future incidences, but you are also improving the overall health and well being of your team. And furthermore, you are providing everyone a safe work environment. 

Higher levels of CO2 can cause fatigue or confusion. Simple procedures in your workplace to ventilate when the CO2 levels are high is not enough. Why trust an employee to make a "guess" about when to ventilate. Allow the CO2 monitors to alert you to unsafe work conditions should a leak occur. 

We live in a constantly "reviewed" world. Healthier, more productive employees are your most valuable asset as a business owner.  Take steps today to keep those employee assets safe. 

Where do I start?

Luckily, CO2Meter provides a variety of handheld devices that measure CO2, oxygen, and carbon monoxide with additional gases to come. Unique alarm features, rechargeable batteries, and their small, portable design have made the Personal Monitors extremely popular since their release.

The Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger (SAN-10) is one of the leading products in CO2 personal safety. This device includes an OSHA specified measurement range of 0 to 5% (0-50,000 ppm) and was designed in conjunction with brewing, cannabis, and gas distribution professionals.

In addition, most recently the SAN-10 features advanced capabilities, with a NEW rechargeable Li-Ion battery providing the end user with 72+ hours per charge!

This CO2 safety monitor also features exclusive data logging capabilities that provide the user with the ability to download the data and further analyze it via our free GasLab Software

For those employees and workers looking to specifically monitor and detect areas in which CO2 leaks can occur, CO2Meter also offers the SAN-13 CO2 leak detector. This device is used across a wide range of industries and features advanced sensing technology to provide identification of even the smallest of CO2 leaks.

We hope that you have enjoyed this personal CO2 safety guide and are more aware of the significant impact of CO2, the importance of personal monitoring detectors, and the proper steps you can now take to ensure safety in the workplace.

For more information on CO2 Safety for your application, speak to an expert today. Call us directly at (877) 678 - 4259 or email us at

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