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CO2 Sensors: 5 Percent CO2 Sensor

CO2 Safety Sensors0-5% CO2 Safety Sensors

For many customers looking to monitor carbon dioxide at 5% CO2, they typically are looking at measuring the gas in safety or industrial settings. These are common applications like restaurants, breweries, indoor agriculture, or production facilities; to name a few.

For safety sensors, we often recommended Senseair's S8 Miniature 5% CO2 Sensor. This sensor is designed to act as a safety switch for alarm applications where CO2 leak detection is often required. This sensor is extremely low power and provides simple communication which lets you change the measurement period and control calibration in real-time. 



How are CO2 sensors being used to improve safety?

Gas sensors are increasingly being used across the industry in order to relay an alarm or notification should gas concentrations exceed a specific threshold. By providing these accurate and swift measurements, individuals can further gain the proper data to mitigate any potential hazards from occurring and create a safer workspace.

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    "Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

    - Phillip Farrar
    Water Plant Superintendent

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