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Sensors: CO Sensors

CO Sensors

What does a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor do?

Carbon monoxide sensors, as their name suggests, monitors the CO level in air. Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous poison worldwide, killing thousands of people each year.

CO gas is produced by the incomplete combustion of carbons. To create a fire, you need something that burns, heat and oxygen. If there is not enough oxygen present during combustion, carbon monoxide gas is a byproduct. 

How to tell the presence of carbon monoxide?

Outside of instant indication from a CO sensor, other clues of CO leaks can include:

  • Soot marks on the front covers of gas fires
  • Brown stains on or around boilers, stoves, or fires
  • A smoke build-up in rooms because of a faulty flue
  • Yellow instead of blue flames coming from gas appliances

How is carbon monoxide produced in the home?

  1. Water heaters
  2. Furnaces or boilers
  3. Fireplaces
  4. Gas stoves and ovens

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