iAQ-2000 Indoor Air Quality (VOC) Sensor

iAQ-2000 Indoor Air Quality (VOC) Sensor - CO2 Meter
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The iAQ-2000 by Applied Sensor is designed to sense the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as smoke, cooking odors, bio-effluence and pollutants including

  • CO, CH4, LPG
  • Alcohols
  • Ketones
  • Organic acids
  • Amines
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons

Most people evaluate air quality by smelling odors like burnt cooking, a neighbor’s perfume, fresh paint, or any one of a thousand other odors. Each of these odors are microscopic particles in the atmosphere. The iAQ2000 measures the concentration of these particles. When they get too high, the iAQ-2000 can be used to automatically open fresh air ducts to increase ventilation.


  • iAQ-0001 Sensor only
  • CM-0151 Sensor plus USB Development Kit
  • CM-0158 Tube Cap to change from diffused air to sampling sensor.


  • Power: 5.0V ± 0.25V,  22-30 mA depending on supply voltage
  • Output Signal: TTL, RS232 (TTL level), SPI, I2C, 0-5V, PWM
  • Size: 22×38mm, 10 grams
  • Communications: TTL, RS232, SPI, 0-5V, PWM


  • 90 days - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions.

Download Gaslab Software Here for USB Devkit

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"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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