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CO2 Sensors: 20 Percent CO2 Sensor

Biological 10 percent CO2 Sensors

0-20% Horticulture and Safety CO2 Sensors

Many customers looking to monitor carbon dioxide between 0-20% (0-200,000ppm) typically are looking at measuring CO2 for horticulture or safety applications.

For 20 percent CO2 sensing, we often recommended SprintIR-6S 20% CO2 Sensor.  This sensor is designed to monitor at high speeds that can take up to 20 readings per second, which is 6x faster than the current SprintIR sensors. Combined with a sensor on board, it is also suitable for applications where the capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations is required.



Are CO2 sensors accurate?

When we discuss CO2 sensor accuracy, the majority of our sensors have been evaluated by nondispersive infrared technologies, the highest quality of technology in the CO2 sensor space. In addition, the average accuracy specifications for CO2 sensors ranged from ±40 ppm ±3% of reading to ±100 ppm.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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