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About GasLab® Data Logging Software

GasLab Data Logging Screen  

The GasLab® Data Logging Software, is our next generation software specifically designed for all CO2meter supplied sensor development kits and data logging products. 

With the use of our free GasLab® Data Logging Software, customers can automatically benefit from:

  • An easy to use, seamless interface for enhanced communication
  • Measurement of multiple gases across one single standing platform
  • Assisted calibration and precision for application + environment feedback
  • RS485 Functionality for all MX and EC Boards
  • Ability to gather and analyze data across long periods for further analysis
  • Opportunities for further advancement, discovery, and innovation across the field

Recent Updates from GasLab® release:

    • Improved Speed and Stability to Data Logging
    • Support for Cubic Particle Matter Sensors (Gaslab.com)
    • Long-Term Data Logging
    • Multi-Sensor operation is improved

System Requirements

    • 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM, 1GB free disk space (2GB free disk space for 64 bit systems)
    • Windows XP/7/8/8.1 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (.NET framework will automatically be installed if required).
    • GasLab is not supported on Windows Vista, XP Media Center or XP Tablet editions.
    • On Intel-based Apple PCs the software can be run on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion and the .NET framework.

Installation Instructions

To install GasLab®  use the "Click to Download Software" button shown below. This will open a download window for the current version.

If you have version or older of Gaslab®, please note that previous versions may be required to run some of our older products. You should test both versions before deleting the older one.

Download GasLab Datalogging Software 

Supported Products

  •  IAQ MAX 
  • SAN-11
  • TecSense Products
  • MH-100 IR CO2 Incubator Sensor
  • Cubic SHT-5, CU-1106, CU-1107
  • MX300 Series and Tube Caps
  • MX200 Series UV Flux O2 Sensor 
  • MX200 Series CO2 DevKits
  • MX200 Series SprintIR CO2 DevKits
  • EC200 Series CO DevKits
  • EC200 Series O2 DevKits
  • LP8 Development Kits
  • AMP 6600 and 6700 DevKit
  • K30/K33/S8 DevKits
  • O2 UV-Flux 25% DevKit
  • Sampling Data Loggers
  • K33 series Data Loggers
  • TX (ATEX) Sensor
  • ZGO9 with UART & I2C
  • Cubic CO2 and CH4
  • CO2 Probes 1%, 30%
  • CO2 Level controllers
  • TR250Z O2 Sensors
  • RS485 Multi Sensor
  • Cubic Particle Matter Sensors

Additional Software Support

Please Contact Us for support on additional sensing solutions such as:

      • AQ500 OEM Configuration Utility
      • CM-0007 CO / CO2 Monitor and Data Logger 
      • cSense
      • COM Port Utility
      • DAS Data Acquisition Software
      • Mac GNU/Linux Support
      • Modbus/I2C Communication Documentation for K-Series Sensors
      • pSense 
      • SAN-0001 Personal CO2 Monitor and Data Logger
      • SenseAir Sensor SDK Toolkit
      • TIM12 Data Logger
      • UIP Software for SenseAir Wall-Mount CO2 Transmitters
      • XT-10 - Rechargeable CO2 Monitor and Data Logger