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Portable CO2 meters for enclosed spaces

Our portable carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity and carbon monoxide detectors are hand-held, lightweight, and easy to operate.

  • Our top of the line, cell phone-sized SenseAir hand held CO2 detector with built-in data logger, LED warning display and alarm is the best carbon dioxide personal safety device on the market.
  • Our cost-effective pSense portable CO2 detector is our best seller, and can be used as a data logger by tethering it to a PC with the optional data logging kit.
  • We also offer a full line of rugged portable data loggers that can sample up to 100% CO2 in enclosed spaces.

All our portable CO2 gas detectors use infrared NDIR technology, assuring you the most stable and accurate CO2 detection on the market today.

New Products: We now offer portable carbon monoxide meters and manometers at the best prices online!