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MPS Refrigerant Gas Sensor

MPS Refrigerant Gas Sensor
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The MPS Nevada Nano Refrigerant Gas Sensor accurately and reliably detects R-32, R-454b, R-1234yf, R-744, R-290, R-600 and many other refrigerant gases used in commercial and residential HVAC applications.

The secret to the sensors long life and low maintenance is MPS™ - Molecular Property Spectrometer technology. A MEMS transducer is mounted onto a PCB and open to ambient air. The presence of a flammable refrigerant gas causes changes in the thermodynamic properties of the air/gas mixture that are measured by the transducer, then processed by patent-pending algorithms to report accurate gas concentrations.

The MPS Refrigerant Gas Sensor has been configured to provide a robust, refrigerant-dedicated sensing solution like that can reliably recognize leaks over a long field life, in harsh, real-world environments with no servicing required.

*Please Note: When Purchasing any MPS Refrigerant Gas Sensor it is Important to NOT Solder to the Sensor Pins*


  • Real time environmental compensation to rapid temperature & %RH changes
  • No false positives, immune to poisoning
  • Extremely fast response time
  • Built-in self-test for fail-safe operation
  • Industrial and residential packaging options
  • No field calibration or maintenance
  • Meets UL 60335-2-40 & ASHRAE 15 requirements
  • Life expectancy - 10+ Years

Models In Stock

  • MPS004-MN0505-00 - R-32 (A1), Serial UART & Analog Output, Mini, 5 Pin
  • MPS009-MN0505-00 - R-404A (A1), Serial UART & Analog Output, Mini, 5 Pin
  • MPS010-MN0505-00 - R-407A (A2L), Serial UART & Analog Output, Mini, 5 Pin
  • MPS011-MN505-00 - R-454B (A2L), Serial UART & Analog Output, Mini, 5 Pin
  • MPS004-S40505-EX - R-32 (A2L), Serial UART & Analog Output, S4, 5 Pin
  • MPS999-MN0000-99 - USB Evaluation Kit and software. Works with all Mini (MN) MPS sensors. Sensor not included.
  • MPS999-S40000-99 - USB Evaluation Kit and software. Works with all S4 footprint (cylindrical) MPS sensors. Sensor not included.


  • Gas Type: Refrigerant Gases
  • LOD Range: 0-100%LEL, 400-2500ppm, 0-100%LEL
  • Measurement Ranges: 50-50,000ppm or 1,300 - 50,000ppm
  • Accuracy: 250ppm or 1,300ppm
  • Measurement Rate: 2s
  • Resolution: 0.1LEL, 1ppm w/ slow leak rate of 15ppm/min
  • Response Time (T90): <6s, <30s, <20s
  • Calibration Interval: No calibration required.
  • Warm-Up Time: 20s 
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° to 75°C
  • Humidity: 0-100% RH
  • Pressure: 80 to 120 kPa
  • R/H and Temp Available?: Y / Y
  • Voltage Input: 3.3 - 5.0 ±5% VDC
  • Max Current: 8.9mA typical


  • Communication: UART / Analog Output
  • Digital: Y
  • Digital Input/Output: 4 or 5 pin


  • Dimensions: 16.6 mm (H) x 20.0 mm (L)
  • Weight: 8.0 , 0.5 grams
  • Body Material: Ultem PEI


  • Sensor Life Expectancy: > 10 years


  • UL60335-2-40 Ready ATEX Certified
  • UL60079-29-1 Ready ATEX Certified


  • 90 days. See CO2meter Terms and Conditions.

Sensor Evaluation Kit

The Molecular Property Spectrometer™ Refrigerant Gas Sensor Evaluation Kits are a user friendly system developed for assessing refrigerant gas detection performance. The sensor (not included) connects to the PCB for communication with a PC (USB) or breakout to individual sensor signals (optional 5-wire harness). A quarter-turn plastic gas mask and housing is included to provide a sealed headspace above the sensor using a tube cap inlet and outlet

Evaluation Kits - Sensor Not Included
  • Mini Sensor Part no. MSP999-MN0000-99
  • S4 Sensor Part no. MSP999-S40000-99

S4 Sensor Mounting Pins

We do NOT recommend soldering wires directly to the pins of the MPS S4 Gas Sensors. We recommend using individual receptacle sockets with wires soldered to the sockets and then plugging the sockets onto the pins of the sensor. Compatible receptacle sockets readily available from numerous distributors are:

  • Mill-Max 9401-0-15-15-23-27-10-0 (This socket has a closed bottom).
  • Mill-Max 0384-0-67-80-23-27-10-0 (This socket has an open bottom).
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"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

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