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CO2Meter Sensing Partner: Cubic presented by Innovaer Technologies

Cubic holds over 20 years of producing air and gas sensor technologies with over 20M sensors produced in 2022.
The company has served as a true market leader in NDIR & Laser Scatter Detection for innovation and production. CO2Meter is proud to partner with Cubic in order to serve customers across the globe and offer unique solutions for use across a wide range of applications.
Cubic currently has produced over 8M particulate matter sensors and 4M NDIR sensors within the past year with quality certifications in ISO14001, ISO9001, and IATF16949. 

Presently, Cubic holds over 130 patents for its technologies, with abundant products widely used in various fields of indoor air quality, HVAC, automotive, environmental monitoring, industrial processes, healthcare, and smart home/IOT applications.

Many CO2Meter customers stand by the Cubic gas sensors — due to their accuracy, precision, and long-lasting capabilities.

How do air quality sensors work?

Air quality gas sensors work with the use of laser, electrochemical, or NDIR methods that measure particulates and gases in the air. Readings are obtained due to two cells installed in the sensor's gas module. Each cell has a special diode whose colors alter depending upon the state of the current air quality.

The gas sensors can check the levels of different air contaminants and pollutants helping assess how safe the air is to breathe and mitigating potential airborne viruses. 

What is the best way to monitor indoor air quality?

  1. Purchase an indoor air quality sensor
  2. Evaluate health symptoms
  3. Monitor gas concentration, particulates, or VOC levels
  4. Ventilate the space if concentrations exceed the normal threshold

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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