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Discover the Innovation of the SprintIR® CO2 sensor

The SprintIR® CO2 sensor range can easily be integrated into a variety of applications and are unique in their form due to overall fast response rate, power consumption, and durability.

In discussing the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor series, one should note that there are different variations available for the end users’ needs and application.

  • SprintIR®-W – a high speed CO2 sensor which measures up to 100% CO2 concentration, uses NDIR technology and has incredibly low power requirements
  • SprintIR®-6S – a high speed CO2 sensor which measures up to 100% CO2 concentration, can take up to 20 readings per second (6x faster than the SprintIR®-W), and includes an optional flow through adapter
  • SprintIR®-R – an extremely fast and accurate sensor, benefiting from a well-recognized response rate which is 2.5X faster than the SprintIR®-6S), taking 50 readings per second.

The SprintIR® CO2 sensors are ideal for battery powered systems, including portable, wearable, and self-powered. A variety of industries that involve IOT, OEM and Smart technologies stand by the sensors for reliability, accuracy and easy integrations.

The capabilities of the SprintIR® range have resulted in large advancements and innovation, displayed in a vast majority of applications throughout the world.

 SprintIR CO2 Sensor

Let’s look at actual consumer application integration..
CO2 Beverage and Brewing


Brewing and Beverage Applications

Brewing and Beverage Industries have been a large use case when it comes to incorporating the SprintIR® CO2 sensor. In just this past year, CO2Meter recently announced the launch of a CO2 Leak Detector (SAN-13) which currently houses the SprintIR®-6S, due to its high accuracy and fast response in measurement detection.

Brewing industries heavily rely on CO2 safety monitors and CO2 leak detectors as workers face potential hazards working around inert gases, as well as coming across a potential CO2 leak point.

In integrating the SprintIR®-6S individuals in this application can ensure high accuracy in detecting leaks, combined with fast response time in alarming if a worker encounters above average carbon dioxide levels.

Aside from beverage and brewing applications, another industry which relies on the SprintIR® technologies is Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP).

Modified Atmospheric Packaging Application

(MAP) Modified Atmospheric Packaging Applications

Modified Atmosphere Packaging allows the shelf life of perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, and meats to be extended – reducing wastage and maximizing profits for those along the supply chain.

This is done by either flushing a combination of gases at different concentrations into the packaging before sealing or allowing the product to change the gases itself.

To ensure the correct levels of CO2 and other gases are present in the packaging, taking readings at regular intervals is essential. At a minimum these must be carried out at the start and end of production, however, more regular checks will increase the chance of spotting an error.

When carrying out these checks, speed is very important.

If there is an issue on the production line, this needs to be spotted quickly. Enter the GSS SprintIR® Range of CO2 sensors. With the capacity to capture 20 readings per second, this high-speed sensor maintains best-in-class records for the fastest response times.

Currently, a valued CO2Meter customer is using the SprintIR® in a handheld system for MAP quality and production control which will be used in a variety of large-scale food packaging industries worldwide.

The SprintIR® integrated within applications such as this, provide customers with advanced control, speed and accuracy.

Medical CO2 Applications

Medical and Healthcare Applications

When it comes to medical applications, users require something which is not only accurate, but also high speed. That is why we recommend the SprintIR®-R range of CO2 sensors for healthcare applications.

The SprintIR®-R range of high-speed Carbon Dioxide sensors can capture 50 readings per second, making it perfect for the medical sector.

To date, we have seen the SprintIR®-R sensors being used in many different areas of the medical field, from respiratory analysis for capnography, and metabolic assessments to sport science. Not to mention being used for preserving lifesaving organs!

agriculture applications


As you have seen displayed so far, the SprintIR® is perfect for a variety of industries and application uses.

This sensor technology found in the SprintIR® also serves vital for a vast amount of Agricultural and Research applications where measuring CO2 is crucial in terms of maximizing plant yields.

Its solid state makes the sensor particularly rugged so as the sensor can withstand a variety of climates and the ultra-fast response time only adds continued value for those working in agri-business.

With the extremely compact design, quick response rate, and versatility throughout industry applications, the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor is a constant recommendation for customers worldwide.

Visit the SprintIR® Sensor showcase, here.

Visit the GSS website to learn more about their technology here.

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