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Science Fair Project Uses CO2 Probe

CO2Meter Science Fair Project

CO2Meter gets a vast amount of inquiries in regards to scientific and research applications, so it was no surprise when this year started off with another fantastic project!

School science fairs began in then 1940's. Today they have doubled in size with approximately 1,800 high school students across the US showcasing their independent research in hopes of winning competitions like the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

In our most recent science fair application we worked closely with Luke from Saint Martin de Porres School whom used our Probe 1% and 30% CO2 USB Data Logger (CM-0039) in his project.

The probe is designed for students and teachers who need a rugged and easy-to-use, tethered 1% and 30% CO2 level monitor and data logger. The probe is extremely beneficial to research projects due to its ability to connect to your PC with a USB cable and communicate with the free GasLab software - making it perfect for science projects or experimentation because of its data logging capabilities.  

For his project Luke wanted to create a lab-scale model of the earth's atmosphere to demonstrate the effects of increased levels of CO2 on the planet.

Experiment Design 

Luke stated, "I intend to make a partial scale model for the earth. For the sun, I will use a 40 watt light bulb. For the Earth, I will use a small container, install an aluminum bottom and paint it black. This will simulate the Earth's surface and to help equalize the surface temperature throughout the bottom of the box. The bottom and 4 sides of the box will be insulated to prevent unwanted heat loss. There will be a pan containing ice-water to keep the temperature of the top of the box constant. This will represent the coldness of space, the sink for the heat generated by the light bulb. The controlled atmosphere in the box will be sealed, so an air lock will be installed to let the test atmosphere expand without creating pressure or mixing with the outside air."

Using the CO2 Probe

Luke stated, "In regards to the CM-0039 it was able to provide just the right amount of assistance and for the first trial, a single can of Diet Pepsi was used and was  a success!"

After evaluating different methods to dose his chamber with CO2, He concluded the easiest was to use the off-gassing from a can of soda. Clever!

As a result Luke was able to get the CO2 concentration up to 7,500 ppm, almost to the 1% (10,000 ppm) limit of the CM-0039 Data Logger. 

For his next demonstration, our incredible science star hopes to start with outside air at 400 ppm and continuously dose the chamber to create a CO2 level of 10,000 ppm, the limit of our meter!

While implementing any unique CO2 probe and data logger to a science experiment would surely reap benefits, we are thrilled that the student has made such a success already and wish him the best of luck in his next upcoming fair!

We know he will achieve great success. Stay tuned for the final results!

Need More Information on Research Applications?

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We hope you enjoyed this overview on scientific research and customer insight, and now are aware of the significant impact that CO2Meter has in a variety of applications and industries, nationwide. Best of luck science students! 

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