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GSS High-Speed SprintIR®-R CO2 Sensor

SprintIRR GSS CO2 Sensor

While there is an abundance of gas sensors in the world today, Gas Sensing Solutions is one of the leading, global manufacturers. As a valued CO2Meter partner, GSS provides best-in-class sensing technologies that suit dozens of applications to customers worldwide.

Recently, the pioneer in solid-state gas sensors launched a new ultra-high-speed SprintIR®-R 100% CO2 Sensor, with a 50Hz measurement rate (20ms/measurement) making it among the fastest solid-state CO2 sensors available to date.

One of the main competitive advantages of this premier sensing technology is that it is 2.5x faster than its original fast response NDIR CO2 Sensor, the SprintIR®-6S. In addition to providing fast, accurate, measurements the sensor also monitors up to 100% CO2 concentrations, which is ideal for high-speed sensing requirements and measuring rapidly changing carbon dioxide (co2) concentrations.

Not all sensing technologies are created in a similar fashion. Another unique feature of the SprintIR®-R 100% CO2 Sensor is that it comes with a fitted flow-through tube cap adapter giving the user the ability to pass specific flows through the sensor for precise and real-time results.

The incredibly reliable sensor has also been most recently integrated into medical, healthcare, MAP, and transportation environments. Industries such as these have been able to utilize the sensor's immense accuracy, speed, and consistency which is vital for detecting gas concentrations in these fields. Additional environments include neuroscience, incubation, capnography, and many others.

To provide industry insight, the SprintIR®-R's ability to measure CO2 levels in real-time with high accuracy has provided health care professionals with the capability to monitor CO2 levels in patient's breath when using respiratory machines. This is certainly a critical application during the global pandemic.  Another example of application is that of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications and the SprintIR®-R being able to further provide precise measurements on the production line where the gas is used to extend shelf-life.

Julie Hayes, CEO of Gas Sensing Solutions, further states, "GSS is delighted to offer this new high-speed CO2 sensor to the market. The introduction of the SprintIR®-R CO2 sensor enables our customers to take near real-time readings. This is essential for applications such as capnography and Modified Atmosphere Packaging where CO2 levels are changing rapidly". 

When we turn away from the application use and into the design and technology of the SprintIR®-R, you will find that it is based on the GSS proprietary solid-state non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) LED technology.

This unique technology enables the sensor to measure precise concentration levels by analyzing the exact amount of light absorbed by the carbon dioxide gas. This ability to measure carbon dioxide gas levels at unprecedented levels of accuracy, combined with GSS's solid-state technology furthermore creates the apparent high response rate and critical optical design of the SprintIR series. 

CO2Meter is proud to provide the SprintIR®-R sensor solutions in ranges from 5-100% dependent upon customer application and use case. Our team is delighted to continue to hold such a strong relationship with Gas Sensing Solutions and feels that the advancements to the SprintIR line will only enable us to remain competitive and integral for our evolving global customer base.

Additional features of the SprintIR®-R 100% CO2 Sensor include:
Measures up to 100% CO2 Concentration
Miniature, Compact Size for easy integration
Solid-state, no moving parts, no heated filaments
Unique patented LED technology 
Vibration and shock-resistant
Digital (UART) output
RoHS compliant


About GSS

Headquartered in the UK, Gas Sensing Solutions is a global leader in solid-state Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) LED-based gas sensors. Uniquely, the LEDs and companion photodetectors are manufactured in-house on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machines and used in all its patented NDIR diffusion CO2 sensors.

GSS design, develops and manufactures a wide range of solid-state NDIR CO2 gas sensors, providing innovative products to the world’s leading OEMs where low power, high accuracy, and high-speed measuring capability are required. GSS has world-wide representation, selling into a wide range of markets including indoor air quality monitoring systems, healthcare, aerospace, food storage, transport and packaging, and personal safety equipment.

Visit the GSS website to learn more about their technology, and high-speed sensors.

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