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The CM-900 Industrial Gas Detector

CO2Meter recently announced the release of an industrial gas detector designed to monitor gases across a multitude of industrial environments. The highly anticipated industrial gas safety series will measure either oxygen or carbon dioxide, protecting employees working near and around hazardous gases in the field. With the environmentally adaptive industrial enclosure, it also creates advantages for both harsh and wash-down environments.

The CM-900 series is designed to measure low oxygen or high carbon dioxide to protect employees and staff should accidental leaks and releases occur. Delivering frequent and accurate measurements, the CM-900 series allows users to feel secure knowing audible and visual alarms will activate notifying of an unsafe condition. Recent articles such as this one have also become widespread and tell the solemn stories of incidents where asphyxiation or poisoning have occurred due to gas leaks - yet, unfortunately, could have been properly prevented. 

Benefits of Industrial Gas Detectors

While industrial gas detectors play a critical role in ensuring facility and workplace safety, the presence of hazardous gas is always a main concern. We highlight the key benefits and advantages of implementing an industrial gas detector.

  1. Early Warning System: Industrial gas detectors provide an early warning of the presence of hazardous gases in the environment, allowing workers to take prompt action to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.
  2. Safety: The primary benefit of gas detectors is safety. They help prevent incidents such as fires, explosions, or exposure to toxic gases, which can result in injuries, fatalities, or long-term health issues for workers.
  3. Compliance: Many industries are subject to regulations and standards regarding workplace safety and the monitoring of hazardous gases. Industrial gas detectors help companies comply with these regulations, avoiding fines and legal repercussions.
  4. Risk Reduction: By continuously monitoring the levels of gases in the environment, gas detectors help identify potential risks and enable proactive measures to mitigate them, reducing the likelihood of accidents or emergencies.
  5. Cost Savings: While the initial investment in industrial gas detection systems may seem somewhat substantial, they can ultimately save companies money by preventing accidents, reducing downtime, minimizing equipment damage, and avoiding regulatory penalties.
  6. Confidence and Peace of Mind: Gas detectors provide workers and management with confidence in their safety measures and peace of mind knowing that potential hazards are being continuously monitored and addressed.

Overall, industrial gas detectors are essential tools for maintaining a safe work environment, protecting personnel and assets, and ensuring regulatory compliance in industries where the presence of hazardous gases poses a risk.

Best Industrial Gas Detectors

Determining the "best" industrial gas detector depends on several factors, including the specific requirements of the industry, the types of gases being monitored, environmental conditions, budget considerations, and regulatory compliance needs. However, there are several reputable brands and models known for their quality, reliability, conformities, and advanced features.

Here are some of them:

CO2Meter: CO2Meter offers a broad range of industrial gas detection solutions that can monitor across multiple gases and integrate into a broad range of industries. These gas detectors provide audible/visual alarm indicators, comply with safety standards and regulations, and give real-time data that can be used in process optimization, improved efficiency, and minimized waste. 

Their technologies encompass a wide range of product categories from fixed gas detectors, portable gas analyzers, and gas controllers that are installed and used widespread across the globe. 

Honeywell: Honeywell offers a range of industrial gas detection solutions, including fixed and portable gas detectors, as well as advanced monitoring systems. Their products are known for their accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

Dräger: Dräger is another well-known manufacturer of industrial safety equipment, including gas detection devices. Their products feature innovative technology, robust construction, and comprehensive gas detection capabilities for various industries.

Industrial Scientific: Industrial Scientific specializes in portable gas detection instruments for a wide range of hazardous gases. Their products are designed for ease of use, reliability, and real-time monitoring capabilities.

When choosing an industrial gas detector, it's essential to consider factors such as the specific gases to be monitored, environmental conditions, certification requirements, calibration needs, and ongoing maintenance support.

When fast or informed decisions make the difference between life and safety, using an industrial gas safety detector can provide the right accuracy and reliability. With CO2Meter's industrial gas detector series, you never have to trade off on the reliability of your gas detector, making the best decisions for your team, employees, and establishment - all with one glance of the device.

Consulting with safety professionals and considering user reviews and industry recommendations can also help in selecting the most suitable gas detection solution for a particular application.

Industrial Gas Detector Resources

CO2Meter continues to focus on educating customers about gas detection safety and not only provides cutting-edge solutions, but also offers critical gas safety resources that address key challenges in the field. It is due to their industry expertise and relationships that have cemented CO2Meter as a true "go-to-source" for customers and partners.

In CO2Meter's latest eBook, "The Guide to Industrial Gas Safety for Gas Distributors", we deliver key insights about gases across industrial applications, the importance of gas detection safety systems and the necessary steps to protect gas distributors and their customers when working near hazardous gases.

While CO2Meter continues to be recognized as one of the leading sources in gas detection safety, we also serve as a key educator on gas safety in the field.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The History of Industrial Gas Detection
  • Understanding Gases and Their Properties
  • Common Gases in Industrial Applications
  • Recognizing Workplace Hazards
  • Identifying Top Hazard Points
  • Industry Codes & Workplace Safety Regulations
  • Importance of Industrial Gas Safety
  • Benefits of Gas Safety Systems for Distributors
  • Downloadable: CO2Meter Safety Checklist & Resources
  • and More

About CO2Meter

Often identified as the “leading source” for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions, CO2Meter continues to focus on the development of solutions for customers. Since its incorporation in 2006, CO2Meter has worked diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies to solve the urgent needs of our partners.

­­By providing unique, high quality, gas detection monitoring solutions, CO2Meter strives each day and in each customer interaction to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

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