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Oxygen Weld Purge Monitors

TecWeld Purge Monitor for MIG TIG Welding

What is a Weld Purge Monitor?

Weld purge monitors are critical in the production of high-quality welds, especially in stainless steel pipe used in fabrication, industrial, aerospace and nuclear energy markets. A weld purge monitor tells you exactly when the residual oxygen concentration of a purge gas is low enough to start welding.

While argon gas purging of oxygen is common, without a high-quality weld purge monitor you cannot verify that all the oxygen is removed, especially in long runs of pipe that are not easily visible.

After joining the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) CO2Meter talked to users of weld purge monitors. We discovered that there was a gap in the market and while there are many inexpensive weld purge monitors available, there was a need for a model capable of doing the following:

  • Accurately measuring oxygen levels down to 2 parts per million
  • Providing date-time stamped data logs to verify the absence of O2 before welding
  • Capable of fast, portable and rechargeable options

Why is Purging necessary in Welding?

Weld purging is necessary in welding and fabrication industries because of the process when oxygen is evacuated from a pipe, tank, or torch. This happens when using a noble gas such as argon or nitrogen, prevalent in welding applications. In addition, purging also prevents oxygen from entering the weld pool which can cause poor quality and loss of corrosion resistance; areas that are needed to be fine tuned when it comes to the end result of product.

Meeting Weld Purge Monitor Requirements

After gaining critical customer feedback, CO2Meter partnered with TecSense GmbH, an Austrian company that specializes in high-quality trace oxygen level measurement devices. They are well-known in the industry in Europe and has since gone on to design and manufacture weld purge monitors as well as cutting-edge trace oxygen analyzers based on their highly sought after opto-chemical sensor technology.

Our initial testing partners were able to ensure that the TecWeld monitors provided ease of use, analytical accuracy, and consistent data logging in their day-to-day welding cycles. One global manufacturer stated, "We received the new TecPen weld purge meter. It’s so sleek and easy to use. So nice to know your oxygen parts per million are low enough for quality welds instead of guessing and wasting argon."

About the TecWeld Monitors

weld purge monitor

TecWeld Monitors continuously analyze gas levels during the welding  process to ensure no oxygen leaks. This insures perfect, oxide free, zero color welds.

Customers can verify that there is no oxygen around the weld pool during argon back purging for TIG welding and no oxygen in argon-CO2 blended gas for MIG welding.

The TecWeld monitors are able to log date-time stamped gas levels in internal memory for later retrieval and analysis via USB or Bluetooth. This provides accurate and device-traceable data for end-customer verification and QA inspection reporting.

Additionally, each monitor includes all the accessories you need including a  stainless-steel lance that allows for the gas to be extracted from the welding area.

Oxygen Weld Purge Monitor

The TecWeld Oxygen Weld Purge Monitor is used in to verify complete argon flooding during TIG welding applications. The monitor responds in three seconds with no warm-up time, which is important while working quickly in the field. This analyzer is most sought after in applications such as automotive, welding, aerospace, or medical industries where the backsides of welds are difficult to inspect.

Oxygen + CO2 Weld Purge Monitor

oxygen weld purge monitor

For MIG welding, the TecWeld Oxygen + CO2 Purge Monitor has the same features as the TecWeld Oxygen Analyzer and includes a CO2 sensor specific for MIG welders.

“Innovation begets innovation," said Josh Pringle, Executive Vice President at CO2Meter. Our growth has been partly built on cementing long-term relationships with key industry leaders. they provide feedback on what solutions their customers need as well as field test new devices. The TecSense series is a prime example of the benefits of those relationships."

"We are very excited for the release of the TecSense series and its ability to help all our new GAWDA partners satisfy their customers needs,” he continued.

Having worked so closely within the gas detection and welding industry and paired with key customer feedback, we're confident the TecWeld products will provide a best-in-class solution to the welding industry.

Welding Gas Analyzers

In addition to providing weld purge monitors, CO2Meter also offers welding gas analyzers like the CM-1650 Welding Gas Analyzer. This device is an ideal solution for welding shops where workers need a device to indicate correct CO2 concentrations of welding gas blends. This device features the ability to measure up to two gas concentrations, carbon dioxide or oxygen and further assist welders in ensuring quality assurance in the field. 

For more information on the weld purge monitors or safety devices for welders and industrial applications, contact us at or call us directly at 877-678-4259.

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