University Research and CO2Meter Sensors

University Research and CO2Meter Sensor Technologies

Precise Gas Detection and Measurement Solutions

Over the years, CO2Meter has worked closely with universities such as Harvard, Purdue, MIT, UC Berkeley, and many others that continue to use our sensor technologies to gather data for scientific research, discovery, and advancements.

To ensure validation in these scientific research projects the use of accurate, and precise gas detection and measurement solutions is fundamental.

Innovative, reliable, and consistent gas sensing technologies have been used in thousands of research applications including incubation, neuroscience, robotics, biology, indoor air quality, composting, capnography, respiratory, and hundreds more.

 Brain Imaging 

SprintIR-6S CO2Meter CO2 Sensor

This past year, a California University was awarded a government grant to utilize the SprintIR6S 20% CO2 Smart Sensor technology in a rare brain imaging application dedicated to understanding the structure, function, and direct effect of carbon dioxide and cerebral blood flow.

In using the SprintIR6S the researchers were able to record hyper-accurate data at 20x per second by incorporating the CO2Meter GasLab Data Logging Software.

This is just one small example of research (the university) and industry (CO2Meter) collaborating on a project to create accurate and replicable solutions. It will take years for these new technologies to reach the markets but consumers will eventually realize the benefits of these types of research. 

Oxygen Mask Design for Pilots 

Another intriguing university project involved Oxygen mask design safety, from the National University capstone project. Researchers were able to conduct a study on the overall importance of O2 concentrations passing through an F-35 Lightning II pilot mask.

The CM-42951 0-25% UV Flux Oxygen Smart Sensor was incorporated into this study and led to providing the incredibly useful and reliable results shown below.

CO2Meter GasLab Data from National University DEN Research

Aside from these university studies, we also want to recognize a memorable science research project from Walt Whitman High School in Cold Spring Harbor.

Measuring CO2 Levels

CO2Meter was able to contribute to a project which entailed measuring CO2 levels both indoors and outdoors around the community with the K30 10,000 ppm CO2 sensor and Arduino Uno Micro-controller. The students were not only grateful for the sensor technologies CO2Meter supplied but they also won several accolades at High School level competitions for their research. 

Aaron, a student at Walt Whitman stated, "As I am relatively new to Arduino in general, I have been using the examples from the CO2Meter site to help me get started. The code examples online have been very great help so far!".

The team at CO2Meter is proud to have the opportunity to provide technologies and support for those researchers conducting the studies today that are creating tomorrow's advancements. 

The future holds even more opportunities for furthering research discoveries and advancements, much like respiratory mask analysis, environmental sensing, CO2 capture, medical treatments, and much more.

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