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Gas Sensor Development Kits for OEMs and Researchers

The CM-200 Universal Gas Sensor

CO2Meter launches their new, gas sensor development kits for customers to evaluate and test CO2Meter gas sensors and easily interface with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

[Ormond Beach, Florida] — CO2Meter, a leader in gas sensing technologies and measurement solutions, has released a new CM-200 gas sensor development kit designed to seamlessly integrate with many CO2Meter gas sensors. This new development kit allows customers a way to interface with sensors seamlessly using a USB wired connection, and provides built-in pins for easy drop-in solutions.

Having extensive gas sensing experience, CO2Meter has continued to remain focused on improving and innovating solutions for customers and applications worldwide. It is through continued research and development that drives their global recognition as a true leader in manufacturing for gas safety, monitoring, and analytical solutions.

“Our company first started in the gas sensor market, spending hundreds of hours testing sensor modules for quality, accuracy, and repeatability. Depending on the application, some sensing technologies were given to a select group of experimenters, researchers, or early adopters around the country who would report back their real-world results. With the launch of the gas sensor development kit, it shows our dedication to this market and our continued plans to evolve and improve our solutions to further benefit our customers. Our engineers are proud to be able to build a unique solution for our partners that exceeds current development kit performance in the market and is at an affordable cost,” said Robert Miller, VP of Engineering, CO2Meter.

The need for a more advanced sensor development kit was evident in the current state of the market across our customer base. When it comes to customers it is important for users to have access to a solution that is highly customizable and adaptable for a broad range of projects. Whether you are evaluating a single sensor, building prototypes, or in need of a full software development platform, the CM-200 is the ideal solution. With the new development kit customers that include hobbyists, students, educators, and professionals will all gain tremendous versatility in being able to efficiently plug-and-play CO2Meter sensors, while given access to multiple connectivity options that can be used across various environments.

“The sensing community is well-established, with a large customer base and a history of proven successes. We know with our new gas sensor development kit we can hold a strong focus on furthering education and research in the field. Further, with the user-friendly board and built-in programming capabilities, we can make it easier for users to get started in the field regardless of their experience or familiarity.”, stated Travis Lenander, CEO, CO2Meter.

Currently, many individual gas sensors require bulky, power-intensive, or expensive development kits that are needed to be individually purchased per sensor module or manufacturer. The new gas sensor development kit will give users the ability to expand across multiple gas sensor solutions, as part of CO2Meter’s gas sensor family. Additionally, the development kit will also be able to plug into the free GasLab® sensing data logging software for users to be able to analyze and store their data on a larger scale for project analysis, trends, communication commands and reporting.

The CM-200 development kit introduces new sensor technology that expands CO2Meter’s sensor leadership into new industries. Its small size and low power also enable consumer projects of all forms. Where traditional development kits fail due to size, power concerns, and additional integrations – this new solution will consume less power and provide accurate measurement across a range of sensor modules and projects.

Additional features of the CM-200 include:

  • Ultra-low power
  • “Drop-and-Play” Sensor compatibility
  • Cross-platform operating systems
  • Open source and extensible software
  • Simple, clear programming environment
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Arduino Uno Shield Capable
  • Raspberry Pi Hat Capable
  • Programmable STM32WB
  • Git Repository with Full Working Code
  • BLE capabilities *Coming Soon*

“One of the keys to our continued success is our partnerships and customer relations in the field. And with the increased demand in gas sensor solutions paired with customer input, we will only continue to expand our leadership position within these markets to provide continued solutions for OEMs and partners alike,” Josh Pringle, Executive Vice President, added.

Whether it be in scientific, environmental, manufacturing, medical, or university research, we are uniquely positioned to continue to innovate and offer solutions to further expand our presence worldwide. We anticipate offering multiple universal sensor development kits over the years and believe that this will further lead to ongoing projects of gas sensors thereafter.

For more information on the universal sensor development kit or gas sensor technologies for your application, please email us at sales@co2meter.com

About CO2Meter

A leading source for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions, CO2Meter continues to focus on the development of solutions for customers. Since 2006, CO2Meter has worked to identify and offer the latest gas sensing technologies to solve the needs of our partners. ­­By providing unique, high quality, sensors and devices CO2Meter works to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.
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