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Reliable carbon dioxide and oxygen measurement and control are critical for algae production. That is why uses the most advanced CO2 and oxygen sensors in the world to build products designed to help maximize algae growth.

How much CO2 do algae need?

While there are many resources required for algae cultivation, carbon dioxide is vital. On average, studies suggest two pounds of CO2 on average is utilized per pound of algae growth. It is important to note, that this can be as low as one pound per pound, and as high as three pounds of CO2 per pound of algae.

Does CO2 help with algae?

Carbon dioxide helps the plants so that the plants can prevent algae from growing. It is an indirect contributor and is the one thing that makes CO2 one of the best algaecides. One effect of CO2 injection in the tank is that it turns the water slightly acidic so monitoring is important.

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Algae as carbon sequestration

While algae are found often in oceans or lakes, many researchers are hoping that you will be able to find these organisms more in coal-fired power plants. That's because, algae, which mostly reside in aquatic habitats, consume CO2 to conduct photosynthesis.

It is during this consumption that with AI-powered bioreactors, you can gain 400 times more efficiency when removing CO2 from the atmosphere than trees.

We offer both portable and in-situ closed-loop gas sampling devices that offer:

  • 30% to 100% CO2 Measurement
  • rugged NEMA4 level enclosures & weather resistant connectors
  • Industry-standard 4-20mA and RS-485 over Modbus control

Our sensors are useful for bench-top research or can be the foundation for your company's custom CO2 control system.

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