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eBook: CO2Meter Guide to Understanding Indoor Agriculture and CO2


Your Guide to Carbon Dioxide Safety in the Workplace


eBook: Understanding Indoor Agriculture and CO2

Key Insights on Growing Crops Indoors and the Use of Carbon Dioxide 

With the increased demand in the indoor agriculture market and cultivation continuing to reach an all-time high, the topic of carbon dioxide safety is also increasing in importance.

In the following pages, CO2Meter has released an exclusive eBook: "Understanding Indoor Agriculture and CO2" to highlight the history of indoor agriculture, plant physiology and photosynthesis, the mastery of “Carbon Dioxide (CO2)” as it related to crops, Indoor Agriculture Applications, Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines, and more.

The team at CO2Meter, takes pride in being able to continue to help educate across a variety of industries, not only indoor agriculture, when it comes to the topic of hazardous inert gases with a specific emphasis on carbon dioxide (CO2).

In this Exclusive CO2Meter eBook you will learn:
  • Indoor Agriculture 101
  • Understanding Carbon Dioxide (CO2): What You Need to Know
  • Choosing the Right CO2 Detector
  • CO2 Safety Guidelines and Regulations for Growers
  • How To Spec a CO2 Device in Your Space
  • Tips + Tricks to Start Your Own Grow Space
  • and much more!

    Click here to download CO2Meter eBook on Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detection

    We hope you find our latest eBook to be both helpful and informative, and, should you have any additional questions please feel free to reach us directly at Sales@CO2Meter.com

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