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CO2Meter Celebrates the End of their 15 year Anniversary

In January 2021, CO2Meter celebrated the end of their 15th year anniversary.

Since its incorporation in 2006, CO2Meter has grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable innovative leaders in the gas detection industry.  Our team could not be more excited to celebrate our successes over the past 15 years as we look forward to our future.

Let's take a look back at where it all started.

CO2Meter's First IAQ Device


With 30 years' of extensive industry expertise, its no surprise that the companies founders Irene and Ray Hicks whom started the business out of a small garage in Michigan - can now look back upon the incredibly steadfast and successful business of CO2Meter.com today. The companies roots trace back more than 15 years ago, with Irene Hicks whom started the business while researching gas sensors for a company that manufactured devices for a South African mining operation.

It was not until she came to the United States that she realized a gap in the gas detection market compared to that of South Africa. About the same time, Irene met her husband, engineer and entrepreneur Ray Hicks - whom took on the fascinating project that they collaborated on together and low and behold, CO2Meter.com was born. 

Years later, the company grew and started to be recognized as "CO2 sensing specialists".

In 2017, Travis Lenander, a successful business professional in Fortune 500 companies, was hired as the companies Vice President of Operations. Travis's background and strategic leadership accumulated rapid success for the company. That success allowed Travis to build upon the foundation and prepare the company for its next phase of true growth.

In 2019, Travis Lenander became owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CO2Meter - advancing the corporation to new heights in terms of product development, market reach, sales development as well as extending our international presence.

CO2 Safety MonitorToday, CO2Meter designs and manufacturers more than 350 different devices and technologies used in more than 150 different countries around the world. We continue to focus on providing best-in-class gas detection, monitoring, and analysis solutions while also expanding our offerings across industries, applications, and customer use cases.

Our business partners now include more than just the indoor air quality market that we started with 15 years ago. While indoor air quality is more important than ever before, our advancing solutions and technologies have expanded us into hundreds of applications and industries. 

Our partners include international restaurant chains, the largest gas distribution companies, the leaders in indoor agriculture, some of the most trusted and prestigious colleges and universities, the backbones of our scientific communities, international pharmacies, global transportation, welding, dry ice, cleanrooms and so many more.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. CO2Meter is fortunate that our team and business were designed for resilience and perseverance. We learned that both personal and professional resilience enabled our business to prepare, change, and accelerate into further success. Because of our invaluable staff CO2Meter was able to continue to be recognized and ranked across the space as true "leaders in gas detection". 

Aside from just televised recognition, our company also, was honored to have been deemed "essential" by several of our long-term partners in the development and production of medical and laboratory devices and equipment. Customers did not see a change in the level of support, service, or in the quality of our devices in 2020 and we were extremely proud of our team's dedication to quality and excellence in each and every product that we manufacture.

As we complete our 15th year, CO2Meter has been able to reflect on the many successes we have been able to accomplish, the educational resources we have continued to produce for our customers, and most importantly our team which puts so much emphasis on the solutions that we are able to provide for each and every customer, especially so, during this difficult pandemic.

From all of us at CO2Meter, know that we are incredibly appreciative and grateful for your continued loyalty and trust in our business.

We appreciate every single order and we will continue to remain dedicated to advancing our R&D, taking our gas sensing technologies to new heights, and continuing to solve the needs of our partners now and in the future.

Here's to 15 incredible years - and many more to come!

For more information on CO2Meter.com sensing solutions and technologies, visit us at www.CO2Meter.com or speak to an expert today at 877-678-4259.

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