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Franchise uses CO2Meter Safety Alarms

CO2 Safety Meters in Franchises

CO2Meter is proud to partner with some of the most successful companies in the world. From restaurant franchises, international brewers, cultivation facilities, space centers, and universities to name a few; our devices can be found across the globe. 

Restaurant and beverage applications play an integral role in the need for carbon dioxide monitoring - primarily for safety. While carbon dioxide (CO2) is a critical component in any restaurant, bar, venue, or franchise for carbonating beverages, the colorless gas does pose severe health effects if not properly monitored.

And, with the increase in stored CO2, its no wonder carbon dioxide incidents continue to be widespread in the news. As unfortunate as these incidents are to watch, they provide further examples about the importance of carbon dioxide safety for employees, patrons, and establishments. 

CO2Meter is no stranger to providing carbon dioxide safety monitoring solutions to restaurants, franchises, and diners - and were fortunate to get to interview one of our loyal customers who depends on CO2 monitors to protect their reputable southern franchise chains.

Why use a CO2 safety monitor in franchises?

The main reason that customers and industry professionals need a CO2 safety monitor is because they are either using, producing, or storing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. In restaurants and in other industries, this alone is beneficial when it comes to beverage-making, however, it is severely dangerous for those working in and around the odorless gas.

Another common challenge for many restaurant and franchisee operators is that not only do they need to protect their employees or customers, they also need to meet specific regulations. Dependent upon your jurisdiction, as well as state and local fire marshals or inspectors, you may be required to ensure that your employees and businesses install and maintain a CO2 safety monitor.

What is the OSHA CO2 Requirement?

The current OSHA standard is 5000 ppm as an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) concentration. Gaseous carbon dioxide is an asphyxiant.
Concentrations of 10% (100,000 ppm) or more can produce unconsciousness or death. In order to meet OSHA standards and many other regulations set by the NFPA, IFC, and NBIC restaurants use CO2 safety monitors to ensure safety and meet codes.

And, while CO2Meter continues to gain recognition for its leadership in providing carbon dioxide safety solutions and education, we always want to provide customers with full transparency and trusted research when it comes to ensuring safety in the field.

In this interview, CO2Meter chats with Justin Unger, Strategic Partnership Director for a KFC franchise and his personal take on CO2 safety in the workplace.

CO2Meter: Please tell us a little bit about your industry.

Justin Unger: "Our franchise has 9 restaurants in SE Wisconsin/NE Illinois area selling the colonels finest chicken and fixings.."

CO2Meter: What is your restaurants specialty areas?

Justin Unger: "Fried Chicken." 

CO2Meter: Can you tell us about your experience with CO2 safety monitors and which CO2Meter device you have?

Justin Unger: "We currently use the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm. We have installed the RAD-0102-6 monitors in 4 of our restaurants previously to appease codes in local municipalities. The monitors are incredibly easy to install and serve the purpose they are intended for with no issues to date..." 

CO2Meter: When purchasing the RAD-0102-6, what made you choose CO2Meter over other gas detection devices?

Justin Unger: "We had heard great things about CO2Meter and after using the devices found that they were incredibly easy to work with and met our requirements."

CO2Meter: After using the RAD-0102-6 would you recommend the device to others?

Justin Unger: "Yes, so far we have not had any issues."

CO2Meter: What prompted your initial need for CO2 safety monitors?

Justin Unger: "Several years ago we were notified a CO2 monitoring system was needed and I found online."

CO2Meter: If you had to rate your experience what would you state?

Justin Unger: "The staff I spoke with has been knowledgeable about requirements and any questions I've had have been answered and if the answer is not immediately known it is researched and I have been notified promptly."

CO2Meter: Anything else regarding the monitors or helpful insights you would want other franchisee owners to know?

Justin Unger: "Units have been easy to install, monitors and remote units are easy to read, meets code and protects staff."

Whether you are in the restaurant, beverage, or brewing industry - monitors like the RAD-0102-6 continue to safeguard businesses, protect employees, and ensure carbon dioxide safety in the field.

Because leaks often occur at the most inopportune times, let us do the heavy lifting for you and take care of your monitoring needs. To learn more about gas detection monitoring and safety in the workplace contact a CO2Meter specialist today.

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