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CO2 Warning Signs for Carbon Dioxide Safety

co2 warning sign

The National Board Inspection Code lists specific information that must be posted wherever CO2 storage tanks are used.

Read the text of the NBIC code here.

We have created these signs that meet the code requirements when used with our Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarms. These signs include both English and Spanish versions.

Click here to download the signs (pdf), then print and post.

Why don't we charge for CO2 safety signage?

The education and understanding of your employees is paramount towards ensuring their safety. One of our partners Environmental Safety and Health (EH&S) managers has a sign in his office that states, “Safety starts with three words. "Awareness. Awareness. Awareness”. 

We at CO2Meter could not agree more.

The most critical components to creating employee awareness is proper documentation, training and signage. Some managers post a manual or datasheet and expect their employees to read it. Others might give a quiz or refresher training once a year.

To improve training, we have not only included signage. We offer quick start guides, training videos and other documentation on our website to help employees learn more effectively and efficiently. 

When lives matter and are on the line, you need to have correct and repetitive training, along with correctly placed and clearly instructional safety signage to reference instantly

CO2 Safety Resources

Please note: In some states, if you are storing/using gases like CO2, nitrogen, Argon, helium, oxygen or other gases you are required to have the proper NFPA 704 diamond placards affixed to your point of entry to warn HAZMAT teams and first responders about what gases are stored inside.

Please contact your gas supplier to ask them to properly affix that signage for you – at no cost. It is their responsibility.

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