Got Gas? T-shirt

Got Gas? T-shirt
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Originally designed as a gift for partners, at trade shows, and at speaking engagements our, “Got Gas?” t-shirts have taken on a life of their own. We get requests for them constantly. And while no technology company wants to be in the t-shirt business we are doing it for a very good reason: charity.

All proceeds from the sale of t-shirts will be donated to student education and research programs for our local middle and high schools that help students immerse themselves in technology.

At CO2Meter, we've interviewed dozens of people for tech jobs. We've seen a direct link between early exposure to technology and a candidate's future success in the tech job market. 

That's why, through the Volusia Manufacturer's Association where we sit on the Board Of Directors, we are donating the proceeds for educational program for middle and high school students. We've been a part of these programs, and believe they will have a long-term impact on the student's success.

Donating t-shirt money is only part of our work with students. Over the years, CO2Meter has supported countless research projects, from middle school science fair projects to human-powered vehicles to CO2 experiments in space. While there are many worthwhile causes, we believe that supporting STEM education will have the biggest long-term impact on our local, national, and world-wide future. 

The Father of the Constitution James Madison wrote: "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." 

T-shirts are light blue with white lettering only. Available in S, M, L XL and XXL. 

"I wish all the vendors we worked with were like you!"

- L.R.
US Navy

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