Relay Output Module

Relay Output Module
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The Relay Output Module is an expansion PCB designed to work with the AQ500 Development Platform. It enables the control of large industrial loads. It includes 4 3-contact, type C relays each capable of handling up to 10A at 277VAC.

In use the Relay Output Module is configured to operate via the DAS software that is used to configure the AQ500 and sensor combinations.

Multiple modules may be daisy chained, as the board communications is via a synchronous protocol (I2C/ MODBUS). The based address of each board can be assigned via on board jumpers.


Typical Applications

  • Cryogenic process or storage monitoring for O2 depletion
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)
  • Multi-zone Greenhouse Ventilation
  • Elevated CO2 Hydroponics
  • Alarms Systems

Datasheet (pdf)