LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit

LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit
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The LP8 Development board provides an easy means for evaluation the SenseAir LP8 Miniature CO2 Sensor. The development board provides the necessary super-capacitor for operation from low current sources.

  • Ultra-Low Power Sensor
  • Rapid Product Prototyping
  • Sensor Evaluation

The LP8 is an OEM sensor, or it can be used by researchers for long-term air quality measurement. It is designed to be used as a component of a low power system, e.g. a solar or long life battery powered LCD display sensor, logger, or Bluetooth LE based sensor.

Read the LP8 sensor specifications.

Free Easy-to-use Software for Download

Gaslab is our next generation software specifically designed to read data from all our sensors. 

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Electrical / Mechanical

  • Includes 6’ (1.8m) USB cable (non-standard)
  • Current Consumption: 5 VDC from USB bus


  • 90 days

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