Data Logger Handheld AA ELG/BLG Replacement Cable

Data Logger Handheld AA ELG/BLG Replacement Cable
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  • CM-0015

  • CM-0015-WP

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  • High-quality USB cables
  • USB molded on one end
  • custom connector
  • Approx 3’ (1m) long


  • Most of our loggers use the standard cable for battery-powered loggers. If your logger also has a wall transformer, it uses the cable for data loggers with power supply.
  • Cables are customized for each product. Make sure you know which cable you need. If you are unsure, call 877-678-4259 before ordering.
  • Battery-operated data loggers can also use the 5.5V USB bus for power. Some laptops or PCs with multiple USB devices cannot provide the full 5.5V to operate the unit, and require a separate USB-powered hub.