30/100% CO2 + 25% O2 Controlled Atmosphere Storage

30/100% CO2 + 25% O2 Controlled Atmosphere Storage
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This combination carbon dioxide and oxygen monitor is designed for control atmosphere storage (CAS) for meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, agricultural storage and environmental safety applications. It features industry standard 4-20mA outputs compatible with standard industrial equipment, MODBUS RS-485 and USB communication with our free GasLab software is also built-in.

Building on our knowledge of gas sensing technology this unit combines a high-accuracy NDIR CO2 sensor with an ultra-stable Zirconia O2 sensor to provide accurate measurements of both of the detectable major atmospheric composition gases. This makes the unit perfect for many applications:
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Monitoring and control
  • Flue Gas Measurement
  • Oxygen depletion
  • Environmental Safety Monitoring
  • Storage monitoring/ control for agricultural 

Power and communications are facilitated via the 12 pin connector on the bottom of the unit. The unit must be powered with a 24 VAC or VDC supply and consumes approximately 2W of power. Included with the unit is the mating end of the connector. Also available is a 5m pre-wired cable, and a pre-wired connector with power supply and a 5m RS-485 USB cable.

Control of CO2 delivery is provided by a 1 amp N.O. dry contact relay, threshold and hysteresis programmable via the GasLab software a free download via USB or RS485 to a PC.

Data Logging

The unit comes with a built-in data logging memory that can store up to 15,000 points of data with a completely user-configurable time interval. This data can be downloaded using our GasLab software via RS-485 or with the included USB cable.

Easy Calibration

The device is designed to be calibrated using gas coefficients found in ambient air. Located on the front of the unit is a single calibration button that will calibrate to oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations found in fresh air. Additionally advanced calibration options are available through the desktop software.

Advanced Desktop Software

The device can be connected to our GasLab desktop software package for advanced configuration and calibration. Additionally data can be logged, saved, and analyzed using this software.


  • Power Supply: 24VDC
  • Analog output: 4-20mA, active loop. 
  • RS-485: 9600, MODBUS standard implementation
  • Relay output 1 amp dry contact N.O. to control CO2 concentration or as alarm signal

Oxygen Sensor

  • Measurement Range: 0 – 25%
  • Sensing Method: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
  • Sampling Method; sample draw 300 ml/ min
  • Response Time: 4 seconds max diffusion time
  • Sensitivity: ± 20 ppm ± 1 % of measured value
  • Accuracy: 2% full scale
  • Pressure Range: 500 mbar to 3,000 mbar

CO2 Sensor

  • Measurement Range: 0 – 1,000,000 ppm (0-100%)
  • CO2 Measurement: non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2% vol CO2 ± 3% of measured value
  • Sampling Method sample draw 300 ml/min
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: > 15 years
  • Maintenance Interval: no maintenance required
  • Self-Diagnostics: complete function check of the sensor module