AF100 Analog Input/Output Module

AF100 Analog Input/Output Module
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CM-0009 - F100 Analog Input/Output Module

The AF100 is an expansion module designed to work with the AQ500 OEM Development Platform. It enables the AQ500 controller to accept up to 4 analog inputs and provide 4 analog outputs, suitable for interfacing with industrial sensors. The inputs can read 4-20mA loop sensors commonly found in industrial settings, and the outputs drive 4-20mA or 0-10 volts.

AF100 is directly compatible with the AQ500 OEM module and is included in the DAS software for AQ500 configuration.

In operation, the AF100 communicates to the host using a synchronous protocol (I2C/ MODBUS). The unit may be daisy chained or connected via a 2-wire buss. Base addresses are set by on-board jumpers.

Typical Applications

  • Multi-Zone Greenhouse Ventilation
  • Loop-Actuated Industrial Control
  • Monitoring Third-party Sensors
  • Interfacing with Legacy Hardware