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Meet Josh Pringle, CO2Meter Director of Marketing

“I never thought I would ever live near the beach. As a kid I hated when we went to the beach. Now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else”.

Josh Pringle clearly loves Ormond Beach and all it has to offer. A 5 year resident of Florida, Josh recently signed on as CO2Meter’s Director of Marketing in the Ormond Beach office. Even after working for a large internet company, Josh knew that coming to CO2Meter would be a huge technical learning curve.

“I learn new things every day. At the beginning my brain would hurt every night from learning so much at work. But what we do for our customers is so important to their processes that I have the opportunity to learn new applications and organizations all the time”.

Josh came to CO2Meter after owning his own consulting firm, JSP Relations, where he assisted Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and non-profits with their customer acquisition and retention marketing programs. Prior to JSP, Josh was the Senior Manager of Partner Management at AOL in their digital coupon start-up and Paid Services divisions.

“Working at AOL I learned that it costs far less to keep a customer than to acquire one, and not to let perfect get in the way of good."

As the youngest of three boys Josh grew up in rural Litchfield, CT. Both his parents were educators. “I learned two key things from my parents: you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Life will give you an opportunity to learn something new every day”.

Josh lives in Florida with his wife, Kim Banister, a family law attorney in Daytona Beach, FL. He has two terrific step-children, Emma, thirteen and Evan, ten. When not at work, Josh can be found with his family, cooking, barbecuing, or playing golf.

You can contact Josh via email at Marketing@CO2Meter.com.

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