Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety 3 Alarm

Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety 3 Alarm
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The Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety Three Alarm is designed to protect people who work near carbon dioxide stored in tanks, closets or confined spaces, or who work with compressed nitrogen and run the risk of oxygen depletion in enclosed areas.

  • Wired CO2 + Oxygen Monitor & Remote Sensor
  • 3 Audible & Visible CO2 Alarms w. Relays

CO2 alarms are critical anywhere CO2 is stored or produced in high volume. The addition of an oxygen depletion alarm also makes this device critical for cryogenic, medical and industrial applications where nitrogen is stored. Like CO2, a nitrogen leaks in enclosed areas can quickly lead to asphyxiation. By monitoring oxygen levels, nitrogen leaks can be found.

The Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety Alarm has both audible alarm and flashing visual indicators when CO2 concentrations reach a pre-set level, or when oxygen drops below a pre-set level. Built-in relays can be used to control a ventilation fan, an HVAC control alarm, and to notify maintenance staff off-site when the PEL (Personal Exposure Limit) is exceeded. Learn more about room size coverage area.

The Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety Alarm is easy to install and use. Watch the installation video. Simply mount both units on the wall (all cables and hardware included), plug the display unit into a standard wall jack, and the alarm is ready to protect you and your staff.


RAD-0200-2 Remote Oxygen Storage Safety Alarm

CM-1026 - Dual Strobe Add On Kit

RAD-0202-2 - Additional Remote Display (Supports up to 3 total)


  • Sensor connects with Remote Display Unit using cable (25 ft. included).
  • Large digital LCD display clearly indicates the current CO2 and oxygen levels in real-time
  • 3 Relays to control fans and/or remote warning signal
  • 80dB Audible and visual alarm indicators
  • IP54 Enclosure - utilize included plug and cover the device during cleaning or washdown
  • Add-on strobe flashers available for increased visibility.


  • Measurement Range: 0-5% (50,000ppm) CO2, 0-25% Oxygen
  • CO2 Alarm: Relay 1 @ 1.5%, Relay 2 @ 3% (configurable)
  • Oxygen Alarm: Relay 1 @ 19%, Relay 2 @ 17% (configurable)
  • Alarm Response Time: < 60 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C (32-104°F)
  • Calibration: Manual Calibration with Test Gas
  • CO2 Sensor Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • Oxygen Sensor Life Expectancy: 15 years 


  • Power Supply: 110-220VAC to 6VDC Adapter
  • Power Consumption: 3 Watts
  • Relays: Peak Current < 2A @ 30VDC or 250VAC, SPDT
  • Relay Color Coding:   Red & White = Normally Open   Blue & White = Normally Closed


  • 1 year - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions.

CM-1026 - Dual Strobe Add On Kit. Attach a flashing strobe to both the Sensor Unit and the Remote Display Unit to give a more visual alarm. Great for high-noise environments. Some local fire codes also require this. Call to see if your local municipality requires these.

CM-0126-5, 6 - Strobe Tower Add On Kit. The Strobe tower gives a visual indicator of which of the 3 alarms were triggered as well as providing a louder alarm. Both 110-224VAC and 24VDC models available. Order online here.

RAD-0202-2 - Additional Remote Display. The Sensor display unit comes with one remote display that can be placed up to 300ft. away using Cat5 or greater Ethernet cable (28ft. included in box). Purchase one or two additional remote displays, then daisy-chain them so long as the total run is less than 300 ft.

Calibration Gas. Please call to order.

GAS-0102-5 Calibration kit with 99.9% nitrogen cylinder, 4% CO2 cylinder, regulator and tubing.
GAS-0202 Calibration kit with 99.9% nitrogen cylinder, 21% oxygen cylinder, regulator and tubing.

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Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety 3 Alarm

so far I am very pleased.

I have not managed to mount it in the submarine yet. Will it work as I want, then this will be great.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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