Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor - CO2 Meter
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The Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a sleek, modern, wireless, desktop device designed to measure and detect carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.

The Aranet4 HOME is used throughout the globe to monitor air quality in homesofficesclassroomscommercial buildings, or anywhere CO2 levels should be monitored for occupant comfort.

Aranet4 CO2 levels Indicator

With the Aranet4 HOME, users can view CO2 measurements directly from the e-ink display which provides a corresponding color indicator and configurable sound alarms. (With the e-ink display, the battery life of the Aranet4 extends up to 2 years.)

Best of all, with wireless connectivity, you can connect your smartphone with the Aranet4 device via Bluetooth by using your iOS or Android app to configure the device, view historical data, set alarms, and sensor reading frequency.

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  • Large E-ink display to show Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature (Temp), Relative Humidity (HUM), and Barometric Pressure (BARO)
  • Wireless connectivity via Aranet4 smartphone app (iOS or Android)
  • NDIR CO2 Sensor for fast, accurate, and precise readings
  • Configurable alarms and 3-color code indication (Green: <1000ppm, Yellow: 1000-1400ppm, and Red: >1400ppm)
  • Built-in Data Logging capability
  • Reduces risk of transferring airborne illnesses
  • Up to 2-year battery life (2xAA - included)
  • Fresh Air or AUTO/MANUAL Quick Calibration
  • Used throughout the globe, worldwide!

Please note: *The Aranet4 HOME, unlike the Aranet4 PRO is designed for single, private use, in standalone mode. The Aranet4 HOME version can't use a base station because it has no radio transceiver. Only Bluetooth*


This device will NOT meet requirements for CO2 safety monitoring which requires a Fixed/Wall mounted, hard-wired alarm per the NBIC, NFPA, or IFC regulations. Refer to our CO2 Safety Products page for devices that meet your needs.

Call us at (877) 678-4259 toll-free or email us to speak with our technical sales team about purchasing the correct device. 


  • CO2 Measurement Range: 0-9999ppm
  • Accuracy: 0-2000ppm, ±50ppm ± 3% reading: 2001-9999ppm ±10% of reading
  • Data Transmission: 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to +122°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 85% RH 
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 0.3 to 1.1 atm (4.4 to 16.0 psi)
  • CO2 measurement calibration: Automatic or Manual (at 420ppm)
  • Operating environment: Indoor Use
  • Data protection: Data encryption
  • Display: Date, Clock, Battery, CO2, Temp, %RH, Baro
  • Power Supply: 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Lifespan: up to 2 years
  • Dimensions: 2.716" (l)  x 2.76" (w) x 0.94" (h) (70 x 70 x 24 mm)
  • Weight: 3.7oz (104g)


  • Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • User's Manual and Quick Start Guide


  • 1 year - See CO2Meter Terms and Conditions

The Aranet4 Home can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth by using an iOS or Android app to configure the device, view historical data, set alarms, and sensor reading frequency.

You must have either Android 6.0 or newer on Android devices or iOS 11.00 or newer for iPhones in order for you to be able to download the app here:

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Download on the AppStore


AR-4Mount Aranet AntiTheft Wall Mount - The Aranet4 Home and Pro sensors can also be wall-mounted with the help of the (AR-4Mount) Aranet AntiTheft Wall Mount. The wall mount uses a security Torx screw that needs a screwdriver with a security Torx T15 to insert bit and remove it. The anti-theft wall mount option is an ideal solution for applications such as classrooms, office buildings, homes, or anywhere individuals need to ensure that the sensor would not be lost or stolen. 

AR-4SDriver Aranet Screw Driver - designed to be utilized with any of the AntiTheft Wall Mount accessories for easy installation and proper wall-mount fixture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sally Erickson
Good for situational evaluation

I'm immunosuppressed, but with the "end of COVID" I will need to spend more time in rooms with multiple other people. CO2 is a good way of monitoring room ventilation, and I have been evaluating room safety based on the meter's readings. I have no way of evaluating the accuracy of the CO2 readings, but the humidity and temperature readings are spot on, so I feel the CO2 readings should be close enough for me to make a good estimate of a room's safety.

Jim East
Interesting tool to have when entertaining

It’s nice to be able to see when air quality is good or not. Knowing that we can open a windows or start a fan to circulate air helps folks feel safe.

Wayne Opp
CO2 Meter I Carry

I’m very pleased with the meter. It is compact and I take it on trips and any indoor setting to gauge the level of CO2 present- if too high I leave the venue.

Joshua Thong

Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Great CO2 Meter; Accurate, Responsive; Holds True

After using several different brands of CO2 Meters over the last five years, to somewhat unsatisfactory results, I was relieved to find that SAF Tehnika, a maker of premium weather station and environmental equipment mostly for the agricultural sector, released this household unit utilizing a Senseair CO2 sensor.

The Aranet4 Home is made in Lativa, with a sensor made in Switzerland. The sensor offers high accuracy, and is able to be manually or automatically calibrated (the main issue with many of the inexpensive Chinese imports). Bluetooth transmits at -12 dBm (0.063mW) or up to 10 m at 4 dBm (2.5mW), -- however, since Bluetooth and WiFi run on the same 2.4 Ghz frequency, I find that turning wireless off on your phone will allow for a greater connectivity range with Bluetooth. The Normal -12 dBm transmit power affords me connecting to the Aranet4 Home from across the room, while only reducing battery life by 25%, compared to having Bluetooth off. The Extended 4 dBm transmit power will reduce battery life even more, but I find this range to be unnecessary.

The iPhone app works well, and allows for additional configuration beyond the four physical switches beneath the battery tray, -- like data measurement interval from the default of every 5 minutes, Bluetooth transmit power, and the display units.

The temperature and humidity readings are accurate, and the CO2 readings remain true, not falling out of tolerance as seen in so many other inexpensive units.

The Aranet4 Home is well-built, designed, and supported. I recommend avoiding the other alternatives sold on this site, for those units' ABC methodology is problematic.

"Easy to install, easy to set up, and easy calibration - just what I was looking for."

- Phillip Farrar
Water Plant Superintendent

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