SprintIR Fast 20-100% CO2 Sensor

SprintIR Fast 20-100% CO2 Sensor
SprintIR Fast 20-100% CO2 Sensor
SprintIR Fast 20-100% CO2 Sensor
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  • GC-0018

  • GC-0017

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GC-0018 (0-100%)
GC-0017 (0-20%)

  • Real-time sensing - 20hz
  • Measurement ranges from 20% to 100%
  • Low power requirements

The SprintIR carbon dioxide sensor is the fastest (20 measurements per second), most accurate CO2 sensor on the market. A breakthrough in NDIR technology, the SprintIR uses advanced solid state Indium Antimonide LED’s and detectors to offer a robust sensor with no moving parts, no heated filaments, and incredibly low power requirements. The sensor comes in 20% or 100% versions - both capable of the same high-speed CO2 measurement. This makes the SprintIR especially useful in biological, capnographic and other real-time CO2 measurement applications.

See the SprintIR 20% CO2 Sensor: Capnographic Testing and Results (pdf)


  • Measurement range: 20% or 100%
  • Ultra-low power: 3.2 to 5V, (recommended 3.3V)
  • Average Current <15mA
  • Peak current only 100mA
  • Weight 8 grams w/ tube cap 29 grams
  • Serial communications 9600/8/1/N
  • Sensing Method: NDIR with Gold-plated optics
  • Sample Method: Diffusion (Tube adapter available)
  • Accuracy: ±70 ppm ± 5% of reading
  • Warm Up Time: < 2 secs to initial reading, <1 min to operational


  • Power Input: 3.2-5.5VDC, < 35 mW



  • 90 Days

Datasheet Data Sheet (pdf)

SprintIR manual Manual (pdf)

Dimensional Drawings (pdf)

SprintIR test SprintIR Capnography Test (pdf)

Datasheet SprintIR Speed Comparison Test (pdf)