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New Portable Sensor Kit Makes Remote CO2 Monitoring Easy

CO2Meter.com has announced a Portable Sensor Kit designed to remotely collect carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels for days, weeks or months at a time. The K-33 Portable Sensor Kit (PSK) “wakes up”, records CO2, temperature and %RH levels, and powers itself down again. It can be configured to record once a minute up to once every 18 hours, and can store 5,200 time-stamped data records in memory. Inside the PSK are the three low-powered sensors and four AA batteries, making it a completely self-contained unit smaller than a paper-backed book. Available in two models, the K-33 ELG PSK...

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Battery-Powered Sensor Measures CO2, Temperature, Humidity

CO2Meter.com unveils affordable, open source data-logging sensor for indoor and outdoor applications Scientists, environmental and agricultural engineers who need to measure indoor and outdoor changes in carbon dioxide levels now have a new tool available with the introduction of the K-33 CO2 sensor. The K-33 is a low-power sensor that measures carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity. Up to 5,400 data points can be stored in on-board memory and downloaded later for analysis. With its unique “sleep” mode enabled, the sensor can be powered by four AA batteries, and can remotely record atmospheric conditions for weeks or months at a...

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High levels of CO2 in soil can harm your health

Can carbon dioxide in the ground poison you? We ask an expert to find out. Recently I received a call from a customer who claimed that every time it rained, the pilot light on his furnace went out, and he got so sick he was unable to leave the house. An HVAC specialist determined it was CO2 in the basement. Since I’d never heard of this, I asked Keith Volsted, President of VSI Environmental in Ingleside, Illinois for some fact on the subject. Keith, is their carbon dioxide hidden in the ground around our homes? CO2 in soil typically comes...

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pSense saves money for Shedd Aquarium

Portable propane heaters used on a construction site at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago were generating huge quantities of CO2, causing problems throughout the rest of the building. The contractor denied that the open-flame heaters were causing any problems until Kyle Greenfield at Consulex purchased a pair of pSense hand-held CO2 meters from CO2Meter.com. The meters instantly showed CO2 levels “off the chart”, resulting in improved ventilation for the worksite. According to Mr. Greenfield, “The readings on these inexpensive meters match very closely with more sophisticated units placed at the site by a CIH monitoring air quality. We use them...

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NASA compiles list of best plants to clean indoor air

NASA research scientists have announced that the common indoor plant may provide a natural way of helping combat sick building syndrome. Based on the use of common indoor plants for indoor air purification, NASA studied about a dozen popular varieties of ornamental plants to determine their effectiveness in removing several key pollutants associated with indoor air pollution. NASA research found that living plants are so efficient at absorbing contaminants in the air that some will be launched into space as part of the biological life support system aboard future orbiting space stations. English ivy, philodendrons, spider plant and the golden...

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