Test Gas Calibration Kits

calibration gas

CO2Meter now offers test gas calibration kits for our products.

Our sales and technical teams regularly get requests for calibration procedures from customers who need to document one of our product’s reliability (for example, personal safety), or from scientists and researchers who need precise points of measurement and verifiable results. In some applications, the ability to calibrate is almost as important as the devices themselves. It is easy to question the validity of gas measurement data when you cannot validate the accuracy of the sensor or device used.

For precise calibration you need a pure, exact concentration gas.

To make calibration easy, our team has partnered with Gasco, a global leader in certified calibration gases, to create test kits for purchase. Each kit is designed to meet the calibration requirements for specific devices. Each kit will ship with the necessary gases, a regulator to operate the gas cylinders, and the tubing needed to complete the calibration or test. Instructions for the calibration procedure are included in each device’s manual.

These calibration kits are currently available:

GAS-0102-5 99.9% nitrogen cylinder, 4% CO2 cylinder, regulator and tubing.

GAS-0102-6 99.9% nitrogen cylinder, regulator and tubing.

GAS-0202 99.9% nitrogen cylinder, 21% oxygen cylinder, regulator and tubing.

Please contact our technical sales team to order these kits and receive information about availability and lead time.


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